Y2mate YouTube Downloader
Y2mate YouTube Downloader

Y2mate : YouTube Downloader – Download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, 3GP & Converter

What is Y2mate?

Since most people worldwide are inclined towards watching videos online as a part of their daily routine, Youtube can be considered the biggest platform where you can do it for free. Although some users prefer to save a video for watching later, some of them also want to download a video or audio on their mobile devices. In such cases, Y2mate is the best online application that can get your downloading started right away. 

It is eventually a platform that enables the online audience to download a numerous range of audio or video files by simply converting them into whatever video format they find the most suitable. It includes converting and downloading from a multitude of video-sharing applications such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. Additionally, the formats that it supports are Mp4, Mp3, MO, FLV, etc. This specific application was initially launched in 2016 and now it 

offers the users to access several other formats as well. 

How to Install Y2mate.Com?

Before installing y2mate onto your mobile devices, there are certain steps that need to be taken into consideration which include:

  1. Go to the Google search bar and type, Y2Mate.com Downloader. Search for the official link and click on the ok button. 
  2. In the next step, click on the download button to install the apk file to your mobile device. 
  3. The applications that are usually installed outside of the Google Play Store require the permission of unknown sources. For that, navigate to the settings option and click on the security button. You will now be available with the Unknown sources button. Click on the following option and the apk file that you have downloaded is now ready to be installed.
  4. These are the steps for the apk version. If you want to install the application, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store also. 

How to Download the Y2mate App For PC?

Before downloading the y2mate application for pc, make sure that you are having one of the best emulators installed on your pc. When we talk about the emulator, Bluestacks can be considered the best since it is used by users on an extensive level. It allows you to run the android application on your pc. In such cases when you want to install the y2mate application, Bluestacks will be used y2mate virus. Let’s look forward to how to install the application:

  1. Click on the following link Download Bluestacks for PC in order to install the Bluestacks 10 or Bluestacks 5 version. If you have installed it already, it is great. 
  2. After successfully installing this emulator, open it. Some time will be required to load the emulator. When it is opened, the home screen option will be visible to you. 
  3. In the emulator, you will find that the Google Play Store is already installed in it. Open the Play Store and find the y2mate application. 
  4. By installing it, the installed application list of the Bluestacks emulator will show you if the following application has been installed or not. 

Once you are finished, start using the y2mate application to convert and download the songs, videos, etc in several formats. 

How to Remove Y2mate From Chrome? 

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to remove the y2mate applications easily from your chrome:

  1. Open the Google search bar and there you will find 3 dots present on the top right part of the search engine. 
  2. By clicking on those dots, you will see the settings options. 
  3. A new screen will appear and now you will find multiple options present on the left side. 
  4. After that, click on the privacy and security option. By further clicking, click on the site settings.
  5. 4-5 options will now appear under the permissions. A bell icon will be visible to you which denotes the notifications option. 
  6. A list of sites will now be visible under the ‘allowed to send notifications’ category.  
  7. Search for the y2mate application and next to it, you will see the 3 dots. Click on the following dots and choose the remove button in order to eliminate the permission of the website. 

How to Remove Y2mate From Windows 11, 10, 7?

To remove the y2mate application from windows 11,10,7 here are the measures that you have to follow step by step:

  1. In the search open given below, type settings or you can also click right on the start button. 
  2. After clicking on the settings button, you will find the apps option present in the middle of the other options. 
  3. Click on the apps option, apps and features option will now be clearly visible to you. Under the category, all the applications mentioned are installed on your pc. 
  4. Search for the recently installed application which is the y2 mate application. Under the app, move and uninstall options are present. 
  5. Click on the uninstall option and the particular application will be removed permanently from your windows 11. 

How to Use Y2mate on iPhone?

Let’s put light on how to use the y2mate on an iPhone device:

  1. Open your ios device and search “documents by readdle” on the apple store.
  2. It will be visible by the name ‘Documents-File Manager App’ which is developed by Readdle Technologies Limited.
  3. Install the application to your device and open it. 
  4. Open the documents app and go to the safari browser icon (visible at the bottom right-hand corner which looks like a small compass). 
  5. A web browser will now be at your service to search whatever you intend to. Search the y2mate application and click on the search button. 
  6. The following application will be opened asking you to put the youtube URL that you have copied to your clipboard. The URL will be related to the video that you want to convert and download in whatever format. 
  7.  The URL will allow you to see the particular video that you want to convert and download from the y2mate application. 
  8. Choose the desired format and click on it. The video will be saved to your downloads option. 
  9. Now you have the liberty to move the downloaded material to your all photos folder. For that, you have to click on the three-dots option present on the downloaded video and click on the move button. 
  10. Once the moving procedure is done, you can enjoy watching it from the photos option. 

Y2mate Disney Plus Downloader

Allow yourself to follow these easy steps which are as follows:

  1. After opening the y2mate application, click on the specified platform from where you are seeking for converting and downloading a video like Disney Plus. You can simply paste the URL link of the OTT platform on the address bar of the application and press the enter button.
  2. The built-in browser of the y2mate application enables you to enter a particular website. Search for the video that you want to convert and download and insert in it. 
  3. Some videos might even ask you to sign into your account to view them. 
  4. Once the video is selected and played, the automatic pop-up window will appear on the screen. It allows you to select the audio, subtitles, video resolution, etc. 

Y2mate Downloader Full Crack Download

The y2mate downloader is undoubtedly the best tool to convert and download videos from any source Youtube to mp3 Converter — Y2mate. Be it Instagram, any OTT platform, Youtube, Facebook, and so on. 

This platform is the fastest leading platform that is allowing the online audience to download a numerous range of audio or video files by simply converting them into whatever video format they find the most suitable. It includes converting and downloading from a plethora of video-sharing applications including Facebook, Youtube, etc. By adding more to it, the y2mate mp3 download — formats that it supports are Mp4, Mp3, MO, FLV, etc. This y2mate downloader was first developed in 2016 and now it offers users access to several other formats as well. 

To download the full crack version, just follow these steps:

  1. To download the apk file, click on y2mate downloader and select the blue download option. 
  2. The apk file will then get downloaded to your pc. Click on the file to install it on your device. 
  3. You will now get access to the cracked version of the y2mate application. 

In general, the user interface of the application is very friendly and offers the facility to download high-resolution videos from different platforms, audio files, etc. 

Y2mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader

The y2mate amazon prime video downloader uses the same procedure as it follows for the Disney plus downloader.

  1. Open the application, and click on the amazon prime platform y2mate virus. If you are unable to do that, copy the URL link and paste it into the address bar of the y2mate application and click on the enter button.
  2. It becomes easy to insert a specific website with the help of the built-in browser offered by the y2mate application. Just look for the desired video and get it pasted into the browser.
  3. Select the following video that you want to download. After this step, you can select the audio, subtitles, video resolutions, etc according to your choice. 

Instagram Video Download to Y2mate

Along with all the above sources for converting and downloading videos, Instagram is also included in the list. You can download any videos or reels that are available on Instagram. For the downloading procedure, you have to go through following some of the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Open your Instagram account and search for the specific video that you want to save to your mobile device. 
  2. On the right side, three dots will be available on the video, y2mate.is click on the same, and out of all the options, click on the link option. 
  3. The link to the video will be copied to your clipboard and after that, open the y2mate downloader. 
  4. Paste the URL link on the search bar and click on the ok button. 
  5. Finally, click on the green button to download the video to your mobile device. 

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