Why Online Prenatal Yoga Training Class In Demand

The online prenatal yoga class Onstar of Yoga superstar Kino MacGregor, known for its Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Pranayama classes, teamed up with yoga teacher Sonia Ribas to offer 40 weekly episodes of prenatal yoga.

Mamata Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is recognized as one of the most specialized prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training programs in Canada. Mamata Yoga ensures quality and integrity in all of its teacher training opportunities, and its online programs are no exception.

The 85 Hour Training Prenatal Care Course

This 85-hour training course is open to prospective and experienced yoga teachers, obstetricians, doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, and moms. The training course meets the training standards of the Yoga Alliance Y.A. For prenatal teachers, Yoga Teacher Training is in-depth training that is derived from the high-quality teaching at the Siddhi Yoga School in India.

One of the many benefits of this online training is that you have unlimited access to a range of prenatal yoga and Pilates classes offered by Mind the Mats experts. These courses are recorded live so that you can observe and participate as part of the mentorship part of your training. Pilates and bar classes are not included, but we encourage you to attend these classes on request.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training prepares yoga teachers to teach special courses for students at all stages of pregnancy. This course for prenatal yoga instructors will help you extend your career by guiding pregnant women through pregnancy and preparing them for powerful labor transitions. It taps into an inner knowledge that is deep within you as a woman and as a teacher.

In addition to modeling and stretching, the course includes mental work, mantras, and statements that will help you overcome the fear of pregnancy and childbirth and learn how to teach your students. Pregnancy yoga is so much more than just relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and learning how to breathe, and Brett has done a fantastic job of integrating yoga knowledge into this course by incorporating the spiritual history of your pregnancy into the Instructor Training Teacher Edition.

Feel Confident to Take it Forward

After completing this course, you will feel confident to guide pregnant women through their regular courses and be equipped to give prenatal couples workshops and postnatal yoga classes.

This program gives you all the tools you need to teach Prenatal Yoga and offers tons of information and anecdotes of pregnant women to help you empathize with their experiences. The course is comprehensive and allows you to teach women at all stages of pregnancy. We have combined Doula certification with this program to provide a well-rounded, knowledge-based approach to yoga classes.

The 20-hour postnatal baby, my yoga teacher training, is aimed at yoga teachers, doulas, obstetricians, counselors, and postpartum people who want to deepen their understanding of postpartum body and practice yoga for the benefit of postpartum students. The section on postnatal care is a brief introduction to mother-and-baby yoga for those who want to teach it in the future.

In addition to the 16 hours of contact, following the 20-hour yoga teacher training for babies and me, the trainees must personally attend two postnatal classes, attend a breastfeeding support group and submit an observation form. The cost includes an unlimited yoga course program, series of workshops, as well as bar and pilates classes (not included), and a 15% discount on all course packages for the year following the program, as well as discounts on the territory and prepared meals offered in our studios. After receiving your certificate and Mind the Mats, you can register for the 8.5-hour prenatal training and register as a yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance.

One Strong Mama is the brainchild of Lindsay McCoy, a fitness physiologist, obstetrician, and obstetrician, and Lauren Ohayon, a yoga and Pilates teacher, focusing on core and pelvic floor problems. With six new workouts a month, the New York-based Studio Fit Pregnancy Club, a licensed FIT maternity facility, offers online classes. You need a yoga block as thick as a tome (if you’re not thick enough) and a handy weight of 2-8 lbs to a water bottle or a can.

100 Hour Prenatal Program

When you register for a 100-hour prenatal program, we ask you to present a copy of your 200-hour certificate. An extensive training manual is provided, and students are expected to complete homework, including observation, practice, and lessons. If you do not have the necessary qualifications and wish to complete a self-development program or to learn prenatal yoga, you are welcome to participate in the program, even if you are not certified.

Gaia is a great option if you want to continue to practice yoga at home during pregnancy, but you have many other courses to choose from. For babies who arrive in front of their mother and me, these courses can add a fun spin to working with your little one. A 5-10 minute meditation session that includes positive energy and calm, restful sleep is always worthwhile.

You can cancel your account at any time and receive a refund if you decide to cancel before your subscription expires. Once you have finished your program, we welcome you whenever you need it.

If you are not aware of the precautions recommended for pregnant women, you are putting your students and yourself at risk. With a history of severe physical trauma, the usual yoga practice was very hard on my body.

Intensive Online Prenatal Yoga Training Course 

I booked a sit-up intensive course at one of my local studios for my baby, and the online learning option was ultimately perfect for me as I tend to take a baby break whenever I need it. I have been practicing online prenatal yoga training past 5 years, and last year I trained to become a 200-hour teacher, so I felt that this course would bring a different level of education and give me calm confidence in running other yoga courses. During the course, I gained a deeper love for yoga, support postures, variations of prenatal sections and felt much better about my body than if I taught yoga regularly.


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