Mammogram in Boise

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Mammogram in Boise

Mammography uses a low-frequency X-ray that enables doctors, also known as radiologists, to check for abnormalities in breast tissue. Thanks to mammogram Boise, it is possible to diagnose breast cancer early when it is tiny and even before a lump can be felt. This is when it is most likely to be the simplest to cure. To detect breast cancer, mammograms may be used as a screening test in women with no symptoms or as a diagnostic tool in women experiencing symptoms that might indicate malignancy. 

What are the most common applications of mammograms?

  • Mammograms for screening purposes:

Mammography is performed to check for indicators of breast cancer in women who do not have any symptoms or issues with their breasts at the time of the screening. Each breast is imaged using an X-ray machine from two distinct angles, which is expected.

  • Mammograms for diagnostic purposes: 

A woman’s breasts are examined with mammograms to see if they are experiencing breast cancer symptoms or if anything odd is discovered during routine screening sessions. Diagnostic mammography is sometimes performed to check women who have had breast cancer in the past but have not yet been diagnosed. Diagnostic mammograms may contain additional views (pictures) of the breast that are not included in screening mammograms.

What exactly do mammograms reveal?

Mammograms are often used to detect abnormalities in the breast. They cannot determine whether or not an abnormal spot is cancerous. Still, they can assist doctors in determining whether or not more testing (such as a breast biopsy) is required. Breast alterations like calcifications, asymmetry and even distortion can be discovered by mammography.

What is the exact procedure for a mammogram?

Mammograms are performed using a specifically built machine to look just at the breast tissue. The equipment uses lower radiation levels than other types of x-rays used to examine other body regions, such as the lungs or the bones. The machine is equipped with two plates that compress or flatten the breast to spread the tissue apart during the examination. This results in a higher-quality image while using less radiation.

Traditionally, mammograms were produced on big sheets of film, which were then rolled up. Digital mammograms are becoming far more frequent than traditional mammography. Digital photographs are captured and stored as files on a computer’s hard drive or memory for future use.

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