What You Need To Know About First Aid At Public Events

When you are organizing an event, you are not just morally but also legally obligated to make sure that your contractors, staff members, and attendees are safe. It takes a lot more risk management and assessment for large events but certain things are also needed to keep the event goers and staff members safe for smaller events. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for dealing with emergencies and your legal obligations.

Duty of Care

Simply put, it means that you have a legal or moral obligation to make sure others are safe. As an event organizer, it is a legal obligation upon you to keep the event staff members and attendees safe from potential harm. It means you need to determine any dangers that are likely to be there and take steps to prevent injury. You put yourself at risk of facing legal action in case you don’t fulfill this duty.

Emergency Preparation

Preparation for an emergency should be done on the basis of the nature and size of the event you are organizing. Your first step should be to come up with a complete plan to follow during an emergency. You might want to consider the nonavailability of key staff members, weather conditions, potential fire outbreaks as well as procedures for emergency evacuation. It is recommended to get in touch with local ambulance services, rescue teams, and fire and police services to discuss things and develop a plan with their help.

Medical Equipment

There isn’t a comprehensive list of medical supplies that are needed at all events. With that said, certain first-aid supplies are needed at any event to take care of injuries. This may include:

Fire extinguishers

As the name implies, it is an active device to extinguish the fire. It is basically meant to keep small fires in control in an emergency. There are a total of 8 types of fire extinguishers and you should get in touch with the local fire department to make sure you have the right type. One of the examples is the Steroplast 600g fire extinguisher – powder. It is meant for handling fires at small events. It is a lightweight, powder-based device designed for dealing with electrical fires. Fire extinguishers a crucial when hosting a firework display.

Fire blankets

It is a flameproof blanket designed to deal with a fire outbreak. It is a simple and quick solution. One of the examples is the WaterJel fire blanket which is capable of putting out a fire and stopping the burn from progressing. It helps in cooling down the skin to reduce pain and also provides protection against contaminants in the air.

Burn response kits

It is a special type of first-aid kit with supplies for the treatment of burn victims. One example is the Burnshield Responder first-aid kit. It has all the essentials needed for the treatment of a burn victim. It has dressings as well as a gel for soothing burnt skin and preventing further trauma.

Another example is the WaterJel Catering kit. It is a complete kit designed for the treatment of burn injuries that happen in commercial kitchens. It has dressings to stop a burn progression, cool down the skin and protection against airborne contaminants.

First-Aid Kits

These are sold in a variety of capacities which means you will always be able to find a kit that is more suited to your needs as compared to others.

First-aid furniture

If you are organizing a big event, it is likely that you have to have a first aid tent or room. The first aid room furniture package offered by Safety First Aid has everything needed for setting up a dedicated area for first aid. It includes a guidance poster, a 3-tier trolley, a couch, a pillow, a blanket, a pedal bin, and a workstation.


It is a device that gives high-energy electric shocks through the chest wall. It helps in jumpstarting the heart and can be a lifesaver for someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

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