What are the best resources to learn User Experience Design

User experience is among the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind while designing a website. An excellent user experience and interactive design ensure that customers have an easy time using your services. A great example of brands using simple, effective and yet engaging UX is Duolingo which allows users to overcome the challenging task of learning new languages very easily. 

The app has three easy questions that you need to answer before you can pick the language of your choice and start learning. Similarly, PayPal has become so immensely popular due to its easy user experience that allows users to pay through a simple process. 

This shows how important it is to focus on an effective user experience design. Every organization requires experts in their team that have a good grasp of this skill. If you are interested in learning user experience design or are seeking good resources to sharpen your talent then here are some tools and skills that you must focus on. 


As a designer, if you are looking for a simplified designing process that works well for creating functional cloud-based designs and also offers excellent features then Figma can be very useful for you. Another key factor that makes Figma such a useful resource is that it can work on any operating system provided it runs a web browser. This means that you can easily use Figma with Windows, Macs and Linux machines. Teams can also collaborate together easily on Figma making it a perfect tool for group projects. 

Adobe XD

Another excellent UX designing and collaboration tool is Abode XD which allows you to create a design prototype that looks realistic and also allows you to showcase your vision across the team. This means that you can collaborate with the team effectively. 

Abode is also built keeping performance in mind which gives it an added edge over other UX resources. The design platform is vector based and allows the team to craft an amazing experience. Not only is Abode XD good for collaboration, but it is also workable on Mac and windows. 


The sketch is also a brilliant resource which is very useful for all UX designers. It is immensely useful for collaborating on various kinds of new concepts and building useful new prototypes. If you are looking for the right tool to create app icons then Sketch can be of great use. 

These are just some of the best tools that you need to learn and practice good user experience design. You will also find many more such resources that will help you sharpen your technical skills and knowledge of UX designing. Though, to be exemplary in this field, it is also essential to have the necessary soft skills. 

Along with having a knack for problem-solving and being a team-oriented person, you must also have curiosity and empathy. This will help you understand the various kinds of UX designs and allow you to come up with more innovative solutions. It will give you the drive to investigate, and understand what people want and give them more functional design solutions. 

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