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What are the Benefits of Using Cord Lanyards with Breakaway?

When selecting your ID card accessories, lanyards are usually an exact choice for displaying IDs. In a broader variety of identification programs, lanyards are frequently utilized. They are economical to wear and provide easy options when an ID card has to be displayed. Lanyards are now available in regular or breakaway style!

The cord lanyard with breakaway provides an essential safety benefit, which can be quickly removed and snapped if it is attached to any object. In dynamic settings, whether in school, at work, or medical sites, breakaway lanyards are ideal. They come in a larger variety of colors, attaching possibilities, and are tailored to business names or emblems.

What Is a Breakaway Lanyard?

A Breakaway lanyard features a breakaway safety lock that “breaks away” after pressure has been exerted. They may feature a bulldog clip, pivot hook, or key ring as an ID card or key connection.

Retractable badge reels are an alternative for a break-out lanyard if an access card is required. You may print a flat breakaway lanyard with a phrase or business logo. The lanyards of the red cord type may be fitted with an adjustable round or diamond slider.

Breakaway Lanyards: Different Types

You have numerous choices to choose your identification card attachments for security. The following attachment options are available for cord lanyard with breakaway:

Plastic hook: This basic plastic clip is placed on the slot and is extremely simple to put on and take off. It is also quite durable.

Card Clamp: These metal clamps are attached to slots on the top of your card and secure them to the lanyards that are no longer connected to the card.

Split Ring: When carrying keys or attaching to breakaway lanyards, this kind of clip is often used.

Swivel Hook: This is typically made of unique metal and is linked to the rest of the system using a simple swivels clip. Swivel hooks are an excellent choice if you need to show cards on both sides of the card.

Badge Reel: This usually comes with a clamp at the end and is a great tool to have on hand for inserting or swiping identification cards.

Safety breakaways are commonly used in a variety of working environments where safety concerns are critical, as well as to reduce the likelihood of risk problems.

How Does a Breakaway Lanyard Work?

If the lanyard is snapped on certain equipment, someone with a breakaway lanyard is less dangerous since the lanyard may break apart before anybody is injured. The lanyard itself is another safety example – pulling delicate equipment for example like wires for a cardiac monitoring unit. That is why the cord lanyard with breakaway for hospitals and other medical institutions is recommended.

The breakaway may be reused and moved from one place to another by snapping it together. The breakaways are very durable, and they can endure a large number of “breaks” before needing to be replaced.

There are also extra lanyards with many dividing closures for facilities that need multiple failure points to be present.

Breakaway lanyards, as shown above, are multi-tasker that provide security first inside the lanyard.

Why choosing a breakaway lanyard is always the best option?

If safety concerns in your working environment, among your customers and workers or youngsters, the use of a breakaway cable lanyard is always advisable. These ID card accessories come in many colors or designs and with simple to open choices when grabbing anything.

Breakaway lanyards are also provided with plastic clips which fit properly on your neck and make space for items when captured. Others come with rubber clips, in which the cable releases readily when it is pushed on. These safety gears are also readily modified to prevent shock with a fast-release clasp.


Non-breakaway lanyards are usually less expensive, however, they may be dangerous at various times and under different conditions. Anyone who works in your manufacturing or production company and who has the potential to entangle non-breakaway lanyards may cause serious injury to your employees and their coworkers.

Lanyards may quickly get entangled around the neck of your child, resulting in an unexpected accident. When running or playing, young children at school with student identification cards may easily get entangled in their belongings.


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