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Versions of RSLinx Classic

Versions of RSLinx Classic

RSLinx Classic for Rockwell Automation Networks and Devices is a thorough plant correspondence arrangement, giving Allen-Bradley programmable controller admittance to a wide assortment of Rockwell Software and Allen-Bradley applications. 

These reach from device programming and arrangement applications like RSLogix and RSNetWorx, to HMI (Human-Machine Interface) applications like RSView32, FactoryTalk View SE (Site Edition), and FactoryTalk View ME (Machine Edition), to your own information securing applications utilizing Microsoft Office, website pages, or Visual Basic®. 

RSLinx Classic likewise joins progressed information streamlining procedures and contains a bunch of diagnostics. The API (Application Programming Interface) upholds custom applications created with the RSLinx Classic SDK. RSLinx Classic is an OPC Data Access Compliant Server furthermore, a DDE worker. 

This unique and useful software is accessible in four versions to fulfill the need for an assortment of cost and usefulness prerequisites. Contingent upon the version you are running, some usefulness could possibly be functional. Allude to the following segments for explicit version usefulness. 

The RSLinx Classic version you are running shows up in the title bar at the top of the fundamental window. In the event that a version of RSLinx Classic is begun without the legitimate enactment documents, it runs as RSLinx Classic Lite. 

RSLinx Classic Lite 

RSLinx Classic Lite gives the base usefulness needed to help RSLogix and RSNetWorx. This version isn’t economically accessible, however is packaged with items that require just direct admittance to the RSLinx Classic network drivers. This version doesn’t uphold OPC, DDE, or the distributed RSLinx Classic C API (Application Programming Interface). 

RSLinx Classic Lite is utilized for the accompanying: 

RSLinx Classic Single Node 

RSLinx Classic Single Node incorporates the necessary usefulness to supply correspondence administrations for all Rockwell Software items. OPC and DDE interfaces are upheld, however to only one device. It doesn’t uphold applications produced for the RSLinx Classic C API, or direct drivers in HMI applications. RSLinx Classic OEM or higher is needed for these application types. 

RSLinx Classic Single Node is utilized for the accompanying: 

RSLinx Classic OEM 

RSLinx Classic OEM incorporates the necessary usefulness to supply correspondence administrations for all Rockwell Software items. OPC and DDE customers are upheld for quite a few devices. It likewise upholds applications created for the RSLinx Classic C API. In any case, note that this is restricted to 32bit customers as it were. 

RSLinx OEM version 2.2 and past versions just upheld AdvanceDDE. RSLinx Version 2.3 and ensuing versions support all DDE types with the exception of FastDDE. RSLinx Classic OEM is utilized for the accompanying: 

RSLinx Classic Single Node 

RSLinx Classic OEMChapter 1 Welcome to RSLinx Classic Rockwell Automation Publication LINX-GR001W-EN-E – March 2021 11. V4.20 adds a RSLinx Classic Local OPC administration to allow 64-cycle customers to get to the OPC DA interface from a similar workstation. 

RSLinx Classic Gateway 

RSLinx Classic Gateway expands RSLinx Classic-based correspondence all through the undertaking by associating customers over TCP/IP organizations. Programming and setup items like RSLogix and RSNetWorx utilize a neighborhood RSLinx Classic Lite or better with a Remote Devices through Linx Door driver designed to impart to the RSLinx Classic Gateway. 

Distant HMIs and VB/VBA applications including Microsoft Office can utilize distant OPC to impart to RSLinx Classic Gateway for information assortment. This permits you to have various appropriated PCs performing information assortment without having RSLinx Classic introduced on each machine! Notwithstanding the abilities gave in the RSLinx Classic Professional version, RSLinx Classic Gateway offers distant network to: 

The demonstrations about the RSLinx software utilized all through this article for the UI agree with those suggested by Microsoft. On the off chance that you are inexperienced with the Microsoft Windows UI, read the documentation provided with the operating system you are utilizing prior to endeavoring to utilize this software.

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