Types of Garden Pots- Its pros, cons, and handling tips

Types of Garden Pots- Its pros, cons, and handling tips

Garden pots once were limited to clay pots but with the change of time new materials are used to manufacture such flowerpots. It can be of different sizes and designs that can make a garden look beautiful and provide good spaces for the plants. 

Ceramic or Terracotta containers

The numbers of planting pots are made of different clay-based materials. Ceramic pots are often known as Terracotta, which means baked earth in Italian. It generally refers to unglazed, somewhat porous ceramic made from clay.

These are usually reddish-brown in color and used as planting flowers. While ceramic pots are made of denser and less porous material, they are glazed both inside and outside.

Types of Garden Pots- Its pros, cons, and handling tips


  • These are classic pots that is suitable for any plant growth.
  • Range of quality and cost of pots are available from cheap to expensive.
  • The pots are extremely durable.


  • These pots become little heavy when we filled it with soil.
  • These pots are brittle, so it will break if you drop them.
  • These pots are not sealed and lined inside; means the soil can dry out quickly.

How to handle it for long?

 Cutting a drainage hole in terracotta pots will protect the clay for a lifetime.

 If you live in a cold atmosphere store your pots indoors as they will not frost.

  1.   Wooden Garden Pots

Wood is one of the best materials which look gorgeous when you are using it as garden pots. You can choose from a variety of range, sizes, and designs. Even you have both options to meet traditional to super modern.  

Furthermore, if you want a custom-size container that is suitable with your decoration needs, then it will be less expensive to buy.  If it is made with right wood, well-maintained, and properly constructed then it will stay longer in the life.


  • Preparing wooden pots is an easy DIY project.
  • Many old boxes can easily use for repurposed pots.


  • Wooden pots may decay in a year.
  • These require high maintenance.

How to handle it for long?

  • Line the wooden container with heavy plastic bags and cut it down with holes for proper drainage.
  • By painting wooden pots can simply grab attention.
  • Use pot feet to elevate the life of wooden pots.

    Metal containers

Probably you have seen this now in many gardens. It looks fabulous and sounds like modern steel boxes. You can pick from varieties of styles and designs. When it is painted you can see how great they offer great services.


  • Plants on metal pots can often enhance the look of garden.
  • The old metal pots can be reused for planting.
  • They do not rust or corrode.


  • Metal pots get extremely hot in sun which affects the plants. 

How to handle it for long?

  • Line metal pots with bubble wrap to insulate the soil.


Plastic containers

Plastic planting is usually becoming the trend these days. Not only are these cheap but also offer great planting. These containers are always practical and lightweight. Also, it can be best for shape and style.


  • They have varied range of shape and sizes.
  • These are cheap and best.
  • They are available from classic to modern designs.
  • The pots are extremely resilient to damage.


  • Plastic pots can be fade.
  • They can give cheap feel.

How to handle it for long?

  • Paint the outdated pots with spray.
  • Use of plastic polish can restore its glow quite often. 


So, you get to know the garden pots varieties and its major pros and cons. If you are starting with planting, choose the pot that is suitable with your location, plant, and sunlight.

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