Top Skills Required To Become A Jewellery Designer

Jewellery designers are involved in planning the pattern style of the jewellery or silverware or any other decorative metalwork products. Several designers also create their own products utilizing a range of materials like stones, metals, plastics, woods and fibres. While they create varied types of jewellery, some designers specialize in designing particular types, like necklaces or rings or bracelets. Some designers even specialise in certain techniques, such as engraving, enamelling, anodising or casting.

Some Jewellery designers may work for a commercial manufacturer, utilizing mass production techniques and machinery, focusing on one part of the work, or as a highly skilled craftsperson producing a complete piece from start to end as a commission for a private client. Their tasks include the following: 

  • Create drawings of Design along with their specifications for wearable or three-dimensional objects
  • Shape metal and other materials
  • Assemble and finish articles with the help of specialised tools and equipment
  • Secure gemstones in settings
  • Engrave designs
  • Repair worn or broken jewellery
  • Remodel old jewellery.

Skills required: Jewellery Design course will assist in developing & strengthening your skills, thereby getting you ready for a successful future ahead. Following are the skills required: 

Research: Research will help you to be adept at varied traditional as well as modern methods, technologies and materials, thereby assisting you in refining your skills and delivering quality to your clients. 

Furthermore, research will help you identify different types of stones and jewels as well as their origin, besides differentiating between the real and the fake ones. You must posses credible sources for right information and should research using history books, digital sources to conclude all possibilities. This will help you succeed in this field. 

Creativity & Sketching: You must possess excellent artistic & visualisation skills to be capable of developing new and unique design concepts all the time. You must be observant and should be open to taking inspiration from your surroundings. In addition, you must be adept at sketching your concepts so as to not only sell the designs to your client but also use it to delegate work to stakeholders.   

Computer & other practical skills: Practical skills gained at Jewellery Design course are a must for it will develop skills in hand-eye coordination that you may require while working on intricate designs and expensive gems and metals. You will understand the difference in techniques required for handling a diamond or a pearl or different gems.  Or how different gems. Furthermore, Jewellery Design course will also equip you with proficiencies in use of various equipment, tools, methods and softwares like CAD, photoshop and illustrator etc. The up-to-date studio will assist you in gaining competencies in various processes like cleaning, polishing, casting, jewel mounting, electroplating etc. besides technical drawings, and use of materials. 

Negotiation Skills: These skills will help you in securing budgets, selling the concepts as well as finished jewellery and sourcing raw materials, thereby ensuring better revenue. You will be able to better communicate intricate design of the jewellery, or the cut & clarity of the gem etc. to the clients and get the appropriate price. 

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