Top Online Clothing Stores on My List

Top Online Clothing Stores on My List

Quarantine was only a bearable luxury because of the internet. Imagine living in the 80’s when there was only club music and board games. That too, not in your house. People would have been bored out of their minds staring at the four walls of their house. I cannot even hear the same song for more than 2 days. 

Luckily, for us, we do not just have internet. But we have the brilliant use of internet in the name of online shopping. From trendy clothing websites and online chats to gaming platforms and online streaming channels, we literally have everything at our disposal. Just a tap away. 

Online shopping has given us the liberty of buying from our favorite stores without dressing up. For all the people who are too lazy to get up and get dressed, I am glad to tell you we are in the same boat. It is an unhealthy addiction. Not only that, the art of window shopping has become quite the trend online. 

However, I should tell you. Window shopping is only to see what options you have. Because all I did in quarantine was add products to my cart and wait for the month to end. Sometimes, the products didn’t even wait that long. They were at my doorstep within a week. 

But, the most attractive online store are the clothing websites. Obviously. All the trendy dresses and the chic style that is the fashion statement of the month, are right in your browser. But what stores should be on your list?  

We have designed a list of the best online clothing stores in the US where you can buy from. Next time, you find yourself getting bored or in mood for an impulsive purchase (we are all guilty of that), find this list to help you out. 


If you are a fan of shopping, you probably must have heard about Bloomingdales. They are top of my list for a reason. It is one of the biggest retailers online who sells products from big brands like the Gucci and Tory Burch. They have a huge following and they supply the most stylish outfits for your next purchase. The store does not just favor dresses but gym wear, casual fit, and winter coats are all part of their vast collection. You will not be disappointed after a swift buy from this clothing store. 


If you are looking for some cheap online clothing stores on the market, you can find Asos to be your shopping partner. They have quality dresses, blazers, hoodies, rompers, and designer wear in reasonable prices. They often have multiple sales throughout the year. You can select multiple products from their sleek collection and appear as a model on the red carpet for your next event. One great thing about buying from the US branch is that you will not have to pay the sales tax. Talk about cherry over the top. 


Another favorite on my list is the Macys. They are one of the best famous online retailers in the country. As they have global recognition because of their huge clothing line on sale at reasonable prices. And when there are fancy dresses before you with tempting prices, there is little self-defense you can put up against the “add to cart” button. Moreover, there is a recent hype with Macy’s coupon code that has reduced the prices even lower. Inclined towards shopping there now? I don’t think it gets any better than this.


Call out for casual wear Gap will be on the top of your suggestions. I know it is on my list. They have been in the market since the 60s but their quality has not declined even years later with all the competitors in line. They have all variety of clothes for men and women, in all sizes. Their vast collection also offers comfy clothes for kids and teenagers. It is no surprise that their huge stock of casual clothes has caught global attention. Find a minute to browse through the heap of clothes and guaranteed, you will spend hours. 


If you are looking for unique online clothing stores on my list then boy do I have a treat for you. It has to be the Target. For many people, it is the store to but their pet’s favorite food or get the back to school stationary from. But for me, it serves as the top 5 in my list of top online clothing stores. When I am running low on cash but need a decent pair of clothes, I find my fingers tapping on the target website. They do not just have casual dresses but active wear and dresses too. Reasonable prices and good quality, my sweet spot. 

Intrenal Link – Newtimezone

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