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Top Benefits Of A Cork Yoga Mat

cork yoga mat

For the avid yogi who doesn’t mind shelling out the extra dollars, a cork yoga mat is one of the best products to invest in for your yoga practice. These mats provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional yoga mats, are incredibly portable, and are much more durable than many other materials on the market today. Here are five benefits of cork yoga mats that will make you second guess your current options when it comes time to purchase your next mat.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

If you’re into sustainability and eco-friendly products, then a yoga mat made from cork might be for you. Cork is a natural and renewable resource that is 100% biodegradable. That means it doesn’t contribute to pollution and other environmental problems like other materials used in yoga mats. Cork is harvested from trees without harming them or removing them from their natural habitat. It also comes with antimicrobial properties, so it prevents odours caused by sweat and bacteria, leading to infection if not properly cleaned regularly. If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, cork can help give you that!

Superior Non-Slip Grip

Cork is a natural material that is known for having a superior non-slip grip. This means that your Cork Yoga Mat will not slip and slide on you while doing poses such as downward dog or warrior. Since these poses can be physically demanding, it’s important to have good traction, so you don’t hurt yourself in any way. Many reviewers also reported their hands no longer slipping during intense hot yoga sessions when using cork mats over other synthetic mats.


Cork is naturally anti-bacterial, which means it won’t hold smells as some rubber mats will. And when it comes to odour, nothing can be more distracting in your yoga class than not being able to focus on your poses because you’re distracted by someone else’s (or your own) stench. Cork doesn’t have that problem—making it an ideal choice for gymnasiums or studios where people are sweating all day long. But even if you have a small home studio, using a Cork Yoga Mat can also help prevent things like dust mites from living in them—especially if you live in a humid climate.

Skin-Friendly & Non-Toxic

Cork is 100% natural, unlike chemical-filled rubber or PVC mats. It’s also durable and provides extra cushioning for your joints. Cork mat benefits include improved traction, so you’ll be less likely to slip during poses, which can help prevent aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day. In addition, it absorbs sweat better than most yoga mats which is especially nice on hot summer days or if you have a regular hot yoga practice. Finally, cork doesn’t create any harmful fumes if it’s exposed to heat from a hairdryer—one of our favourite cork yoga mat benefits!

Naturally Beautiful

In addition to being a renewable resource, cork trees also make for some incredibly beautiful yoga mats. People who love natural products will especially appreciate how gorgeous a cork mat looks in their practice space. Some types of cork contain more noticeable growth rings than others, which can give your mat a one-of-a-kind appearance depending on what you’re looking for. Cork is also naturally water-resistant, so your mat won’t get slippery during hot yoga sessions or other times when you sweat excessively. And lastly, cork is about 1/3rd lighter than foam mats—meaning that using it doesn’t weigh you down as much during your practices!


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