Top 6 computer programming languages to learn in 2021

PC researchers and programming engineers keep on being sought after. Engineers all around the world are being asked to reskill as new individuals enter the market. 

A strong comprehension of the top programming dialects is required for professions in software engineering. In this way, regardless of whether you’re looking to reskill, change occupations, or basically gain some new useful knowledge, another programming language is an extraordinary spot to begin. 

There are a few variables to consider prior to picking a language to learn. A portion of the elements are trouble level, the normal compensation for that language, and how that language is utilized in the business. uCertify offers data structures and algorithms in python courses to assist you with acquiring every one of the abilities expected to land your amazing position.

To figure out which programming dialects are awesome to learn in 2021, we took a gander at the top tech patterns and expectations for the year. In this article we will discuss the accompanying programming dialects: 

  • Python 
  • Java 
  • Kotlin 
  • Quick 
  • C/C++ 
  • JavaScript 
  • Python 

Python is a programming language that any developer should know. Python’s sentence structure isn’t simply instinctive and easy to see, but at the same time it’s utilized in fields including AI and man-made brainpower, which are relied upon to fill in prevalence in 2021. 

Python has well known ML libraries, for example, Pandas and Scikit-learn makes it the favored language for AI and information science. Subsequently, anybody keen on seeking after a vocation in the business ought to learn Python. 

AI occupations are relied upon to be worth USD 31 billion all around the world by 2024, with a yearly development pace of 40% for the following six years. 

Python is likewise profoundly versatile. Backend creation, versatile applications, programming advancement, information science, and in any event, composing machine scripts are totally finished with it. Python for web improvement is projected to fill in notoriety in 2021. 

Trouble: Easy 

Compensation advertised: USD 72,500 

Enterprises: ML, Data Science, Web Development, IoT 

Advantages: Scripted, natural, adaptable, great documentation 


Java is a notable programming language that has been around for a long while. It is as yet one of the most well-known and broadly utilized programming dialects. Java is most ordinarily utilized in web and application advancement, and enormous information investigation, however it very well may be utilized in practically any circumstance (particularly dispersed frameworks). 

Java is required for big business level web applications and microservices, which are relied upon to fill in ubiquity in the coming years. It is required for Android improvement since it gives effective memory the executives and superior. For locales like Google, Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube, it can likewise be utilized on the backend. 

Java abilities will be normal in pretty much every enormous association, particularly in portable development. Interest in Java systems, for example, Spring, Struts, and Hibernate expanded in 2021. 

Trouble: Intermediate 

Pay advertised: USD 79,000 

Businesses: Big Data, web applications, Android, disseminated frameworks 

Advantages: Mature language, utilize anyplace on the planet, OOP structure 


Kotlin is a broadly useful programming language that upholds practical programming and is completely interoperable with Java. Android applications, portable, work area applications, and worker side applications are totally evolved with Kotlin. It’s the ideal language for the experts keen on working in those fields. 

Most Google applications presently use Kotlin, which was created to be a more easy to use form of Java. Pinterest and PostMates are two different organizations that will utilize Kotlin in 2020. Kotlin is a solid language to learn in 2021 since Android is the most well-known versatile working framework. 

Trouble: Intermediate 

Pay advertised: USD 136,000 

Ventures: Mobile applications, work area applications, Android 

Advantages: Easier to learn than Java, viable with Java 


Apple made Swift to assist designers with making iOS applications. As the fame of iOS applications develops all throughout the planet, it will keep on being one of the most popular dialects in 2021. Quick is additionally an extraordinary language for portable designers since it’s easy to comprehend and upholds practically all that Objective-C does. 

It’s additionally upheld by IBM Swift Sandbox, IBM Bluemix, and most of normal iOS applications like WordPress, SoundCloud, and Mozilla Firefox. 

Trouble: Beginner 

Compensation advertised: USD 98,000 

Enterprises: Mobile applications, iOS applications 

Advantages: Easy to learn, clean grammar, quick 


C is one of the most seasoned and quickest programming dialects, and it is the reason for some, different dialects, including C#, Java, and JavaScript. C++ is basically a further developed variation of C. 

C/C++ is additionally fundamental in game creation, PC designs, and computer generated reality, which are all normal to fill in 2021. Pretty much every huge organization searches for C/C++ abilities, so there will never be been a superior chance to learn C. 

Trouble: Intermediate to Advanced 

Compensation advertised: USD 76,500 

Enterprises: Robust applications, VR, computer games 

Advantages: Fundamental to CS, offers higher control 


JavaScript is a famous programming language, especially for web advancement. It is generally viewed as the Internet’s standard programming language. Nearly all that you see on the Internet is based on top of JavaScript. 

JavaScript can be utilized to include dynamic provisions to sites both the front-end and back-end. Most web libraries and systems, like React, Vue, and Node, are based on top of it. 

Trouble: Easy 

Compensation advertised: USD84,500 

Ventures: Web improvement, systems 

Advantages: Essential for web improvement, simple to learn 

There are many different dialects that should be perceived. There are some different dialects that can be sought after for the coming years. 

C#: Used to fabricate 2D and 3D computer games just as site backends (for example Bing, Visual Studio) 

R: An information science and AI programming language that is valuable for perception. 

PHP: A programming language that is utilized to construct the backend of a site. 

You should be amped up for acquiring these abilities to improve your profession possibilities. uCertify gives data structures and algorithms in python courses to assist you with acquiring every one of the abilities expected to land your amazing position.


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