Top 10 Adventurous Destinations In India

Top 10 Adventurous Destinations In India

Leh Ladakh- Chadar Trek, Bike Trips

Chadar trek in Leh Ladakh presents one of the most adventurous destinations in India with captivating lakes, magnificent mountains and irresistible vistas and is regarded as a bucket list-worthy destination for adventure and thrill chasers. Chadar trek dares you to crossover the frozen river with gut-wrenching sounds of ice-breaking below your feet! Popular among the backpackers as one of the toughest treks to do in India, the Chadar trek is possible only during the winter months of January and February at the Zanskar river.

Leh Ladakh bike trip also owns the highest motorable passes with approximately 1,360km of riding distance at a maximum height of about 17,470 feet. This tour grants you to explore and observe the local culture, cuisine, dramatic nature and views with snow-covered mountains and thrilling routes. Ride along the icy lakes, forests, valleys, deserts of this phenomenal destination. 

Arunachal Pradesh- White Water Rafting

Rafting on the gushing white water streams in Arunachal Pradesh is an ideal destination for many looking for adventure while on vacation. These thrilling waves of Subansiri are perfect for an exceptional experience with friends and family to perform as a whole group. Major river rafting in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is the entire Siang course, the Kameng route also known as the Seppa-Bhalukpong route, the Dibang route, and the Subansiri aka route Taliha which is located North of Daporijo.

Himachal Pradesh- Manali To Spiti Valley Bike Trip

Manali to Spiti valley bike trip placed in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most challenging and adventurous treks countrywide that finds on an exhilarating 12-day tour riding along enchanting mountains and the pleasing valleys. This is certainly not an easy feat but still vows a very exciting and refreshing experience with some hotspots like the Chandra Taal Lake, Kee monastery, Pin Valley, Tabo, Naka, Kalpa, Sangla and Shoja. Known all over, it also blesses great time camping with bonfire and yes the highlight, stargazing at Chandratal Lake.


Caving in Meghalaya sounds simple but possesses the exact opposite with fascinating and captivating caves amidst the falling waterfalls and lost forests. These caves of Meghalaya gets you to spell-bounded narrow, some tall, while some amazingly deep caves carved out with water brushes on limestone and sandstone form such fantastic formations. Wish to explore these mysterious caves comes as a thrilling adventure that also requires a lot of stuff along with some food in a backpack as these caves are also quite remote.

Mysore- Skydiving

Skydiving in Mysore city invites you to live the best time and undertake a fall to end up flying and floating in the air before resting your feet on the ground again. Skydiving is a heart-throbbing activity that comes with no worries in Mysore as you are backed with experts and good training at the centre itself before ‘taking the fall’. Mysore is one of the top adventurous destinations in India for adventure, captivating views of the blue sky and land filled with fantastic greenery across the valley.

Goa- Flyboarding

Surrounded by nature’s grace and sandy beaches, Goa is one of the most travelled and famous destinations in India for those who search for a refreshing vacation with adventurous activities to undertake. Not limited to parting with friends, Goa is also known for the introduction of the best adventurous water sports in India. Specifically, Calangute and Chapora River are the two places nationally famous for Flyboarding in Goa.

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Kerala- Parasailing

Parasailing is an adventurous kiting activity in which a person or a pair is set to glide through the air with an open parachute being towed by a motorboat. Parasailing in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are also undertaken by many to experience the best of parasailing.

Uttarakhand- Kayaking

Kayaking is still a relatively new activity in one of the top adventurous destinations in India, Uttarakhand and is now capturing the attention of explorers widely. Kayaking cannot be confused with canoeing. Acknowledged as the best for water sport enthusiasts, it requires a single person with a small and narrow watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle. In Uttarakhand, Devprayag is regarded as one of the destinations in India to experience Kayaking.

Sikkim- Goechala Trek

Goechala trek in Sikkim gifts a unique close-up view of the third highest peak Mt Kanchenjunga and Singalila range from the Dzongri top. This trek is all over for its thrilling accent and the picturesque views throughout the journey. Rested at an altitude of 16,207 feet, Goechala is known for its big summit, not for the faint-hearted. Linked to the Kanchenjunga National Park with pure beauty, it exhibits beautiful flora and fauna. The trek spans 10 days and as already mentioned, it offers a difficult trek to the summit. Sikkim is one of the top adventurous destinations in India with tough Goechala trek and exciting mountain biking opportunities.

Madhya Pradesh- Rock Climbingin Satpura Mountains

The Satpura mountain range in Madhya Pradesh supports a remarkable rock climbing activity for all and especially adventure seekers. Along with Satpura in Madhya Pradesh, places like Pachmarhi, Jabalpur and Chanderi are also nicely rested if you and the group wish to undertake rock sports, mountain climbing and such adventure sports in India.


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