Tips to get more and real Instagram followers 

Tips to get more and real Instagram followers 

Today Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms with a lot of opportunities for the marketers and brands to boost up their business.

Although it is not that easy to grow genuine followers on your Instagram account . It is a process that requires patience but with the help of some guidance you will get to see results faster . Here are 12 tips that will help you to get more Instagram followers that are genuine and relevant to your brand .

How to gain more and real Instagram followers in 2021:


  1. Write a Attractive Bio
  2. Develop and maintain a Unique Instagram Brand image
  3. Use a related hashtag (#)
  4. Create your own hashtag for your brand
  5. Advance/Improve your captions
  6. Show interest in popular conversations
  7. Watch your tagged photos
  8. Get local
  9. Add your website or brands link(CTA) everywhere
  10. Leverage influencers
  11. Organise a contest
  12. Take help of Instagram ads


  1. Write a Attractive Bio

The very first thing in your profile which matters a lot is your bio. When people visit your account profile the first thing they see is your bio. Write an Attractive Bio which encourages people to follow you.Other than providing your contact details and website link, you should mention your brand’s story in an attractive way. You need to give them a reason to follow and connect with you . 

Here is an example of a Quad Lock case instagrams bio .

  1. Develop and maintain a unique Instagram brand image 

The next thing that a person who visits your profile sees after your bio is your feed. Your feed really impacts a good impression on the person who visits your profile. Actually they judge your brand whether it is good or bad by looking at your feed.

It is very necessary to bring consistency in your types of posts, etc. as these reflect your brands personality. And you must post any type of photo, video, etc. according to your brand so that it could relate to your brand.

Here is an example of a clothing and shoes brand that maintains a clear personality.

  1. Use a related hashtag

Hashtag is one of the best keys to reach more people and gain more Instagram followers. All you just need to do is search which hashtag is trending in your brand category and which is more related to your brand. Then use a mix of these hashtag keys for your Instagram content to reach more and more people who follow those hashtags.

Always try to use the best Instagram hashtags that suit your Instagram content the most . Instagram allows you to add about 30 hashtags for your every post and you should make the best use or utilise this advantage for your Instagram account to get maximum reach.

  1. Create your own hashtag for your brand 

Far from using the pre-created hashtags you can also develop your own hashtags for your brand and promote it. Own brand hashtags are the best way to create a good personality for your brand and your Instagram presence. 

By creating your own hashtags you can encourage people to use them in their content which gives direct publicity to your Instagram profile and also help you to reach more people and get genuine followers, why hashtags are imp for you it’s nothing but for digital marketer its like creating awareness via instagram they make hashtags for their business purpose so its 

Importance how can make it hashtags before knowing about hashtags you have to learn about digital marketing which is now available anywhere providing by institution these course material, you need to find out an institutes just search on google the best digital marketing institute in Delhi or put your location where you’re living in the search of you’ll get so many website select one as suited to you keep inquire there and join them.

Here is a example of  a hairstyle salon profile promoting  his work or content by using his own hashtags

  1. Advance/Improve your captions

The captions of your Instagram posts reflect a great impact about your Instagram profile and your Instagram business. Advancing your captions may lead to engagement of many real and genuine followers towards your Instagram account. 

In your Instagram post captions you can do many things like tagging people, asking questions, etc. which will encourage more and more people to follow you and also to refer your Instagram account to their friends. This is also a great advantage by Instagram so why not use this advantage to get reach of your Instagram account.

You can provide information of your brand in the captions and also discounts and many attractive offers to reach out to many people.

Here is an example of HP promoting their brand quality through an attractive caption on their Instagram post.

  1. Show interest in popular conversations

Start an attractive conversation in your stories, comments or captions which encourages people to take interest in your conversations. Who knows? Some people might get impressed and decide to follow your Instagram profile.

Here is an example of a Lego toy brand replying to comments in their post.

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