Things to do Before Paying for Your Volunteer or Study Abroad Program

There is a huge opportunity for students to go to abroad, for studies.

Often students find out about an excellent study abroad plan. Then they feel excited to start their educational journey in a foreign country after they are accepted. 

This is a very nerve-racking time for the students. Because now they have to put together a lot of things before the moving trip. 

They have to take many points, from packing to choosing travel insurance and from mobile phone to money (probably in the given countries currency). All of the above can feel hectic at times.

Generally, it can take somewhere from 26 weeks to 52 weeks to get a UK student visa. So, students have to make sure that they take care of this one well ahead of time.

Students of India do not have to worry too much because the best student visa consultant in Navi Mumbai takes care of every possible concern. Students must have many good tips in hand before they start packing their bags for study in the UK.

Visa and Passport:

The students have to authenticate a passport for travelling and study in the USA. If they already have one in hand, they should double-check it. 

They should look for when it is expiring, and the expiration date is within six months or not. They also have to make sure that they have empty pages in their passport if they have travelled foreign before.

If this is the individual’s earliest passport they are going to apply for, then they must not forget to bring these things:

The Payment:

  • There passport application
  • Government-certified credentials. Such as driving license
  • Two recently clicked passport size photos
  • Their birth certificates

If they are renewing their old passport, they do not have to bring their birth certificate in exchange for their expired passport.

Besides having a passport, they also have to have a student visa for higher education abroad. Various countries have various visa demands. 

Individuals have to find out what their chosen abroad destination rules are. There are a lot of websites that offer this kind of support to students.

Aspirants can also contact the closest consulate or embassy of that country they are planning ongoing. It will help them to collect details about visa rules and any other restrictions around travel. 

Just like passport visa requests can also take several weeks to process. Individuals should not apply late.

Other essential things aspirants have to take care of:

  • Getting the SIM card of the destination
  • Travelling with carrying on alongside the checking luggage
  • Cash in hand, Visa card, and online wallet
  • Language skills of the chosen destination


Aspirants have to prepare themselves physically and mentally. They should go to the physician for a thorough checkup to avoid any medical hindrance later. They can also follow the newspapers of that region to understand the cultural and political atmosphere better.

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