The Ultimate Guide to Azure AZ 900 Certification

The Ultimate Guide to Azure AZ 900 Certification

Cloud Computing is now considered an essential skill for IT professionals. Major brands like Amazon, Microsoft, etc., provide cloud services and every I.T professional is expected to have a clear understanding of them. Azure AZ-900 from Microsoft is a certification that covers all the fundamentals of cloud computing. The Microsoft Azure AZ 900 exam targets candidates who want to learn the basics of cloud services. It gives professionals the platform to study and understand the technical aspects conveniently. Read on to understand all about Azure AZ 900 certification.

Azure AZ 900 Exam Overview

The Azure AZ 900 is one of the Microsoft online courses for cloud computing. It is an entry-level course that provides knowledge about the fundamentals of cloud services. The course provides free training to the professional in cloud security, privacy, Azure services, etc. A basic understanding of all these concepts is essential for a beginner in Azure. Using this certificate, the candidate can enroll for other higher-level certificates.

Microsoft AZ 900 Exam Syllabus

It is necessary to know the syllabus before preparing for any exam. The syllabus gives an idea about the objectives and purpose of the exam. It helps the candidate to identify the critical questions and prepare accordingly. A Microsoft-certified professional needs to have knowledge about the fundamentals of cloud services. Hence, the curriculum of this exam is designed accordingly. It involves the basics of the cloud, which are relevant for a beginner. The course content of Azure AZ 900 is described below briefly.

  • Describe concepts of cloud ( Identify the benefits of using cloud services, differentiate between types of cloud services, differentiate between types of cloud computing ) [ 15-20 % ].
  • Discuss Core Azure Services ( Azure Architectural components, core resources in Azure)[ 15-20%].
  • Describe core solutions and management tools in Azure[ 10-15% ].
  • Features of general security and network security of Azure services[ 10-15% ].
  • Discuss identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features [ 20-25% ].
  • Describe Azure cost management and service agreements [ 10-15% ].

The weightage of each topic varies. The aspirants can also access the syllabus from the Microsoft website of Microsoft easily.

Difficulty Level Of AZ 900 Exam

Even though AZ 900 is one of the essential Microsoft certifications, its difficulty level varies from moderate to complex. The difficulty level is due to the vast amount of fundamentals it aims to cover in the course. IT professionals, though, have the upper hand and can easily cover the entire course content without any problems. But a beginner with no technological background may find the curriculum challenging to prepare. This is why Microsoft certification training should never be missed. It provides a detailed explanation of all the concepts and prepares the students for the exam.

AZ 900 Exam Pattern

Microsoft certification courses usually have an exam of 1000 marks. It is even applicable in the case of the AZ 900 exam. The price of the exam is $99, which varies according to conversion rates. To gain your Azure Fundamentals badge, you need to score 700 out of 1000. The candidate is expected to complete the exam within 60minutes. Since it is an online course, you can schedule your exam after preparation at your convenience. The test is usually conducted at the center, but due to covid-19, it is now conducted online. The number of questions is not definite and can vary from 30 to 50 questions. Therefore, it is essential to look at the weightage of topics before beginning with preparation.

Preparing For AZ 900 Exam

The first step for preparing is to read the syllabus and mark the important topics. After that, you can take free training or opt for the training provided by an instructor. Before you start with any training, do go through the course material provided by Microsoft. The free online learning modules include several different modules and pages specific to the course. The next step is to examine the various Microsoft documents. These documents are more or less like study material. They explain each topic in the curriculum in detail. It will help you develop both knowledge and the required skills for clearing the exam. In case you are doubtful, then you can opt for the training provided by Microsoft instructors.

This Azure AZ 900 exam does not guarantee that you will land a job immediately. However, it does prepare you for entry-level jobs in cloud computing. IT professionals can use this certificate to get promoted to higher positions. As it is an introductory course, it prepares the candidate for higher-level certifications. If you don’t land a job immediately, you can enroll in a Microsoft Artificial intelligence course. No matter what course you register for, the knowledge gained will never go wasted.

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