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The ultimate European travel packing list

Looking for a packing checklist that will help you travel Europe like a pro? Take help from our guidebook on the ultimate European travel packing list to help you travel Europe.

Let’s know the ultimate European travel packing list

Be minimalistic with clothing choices

Being minimalistic here means choosing cloth items that can be used multiple times. While taking direct flights to Italy from US it is important to have lightweight luggage. Further, heavyweight luggage is only going to increase problems and will give you body ache in the end.

However, keeping the luggage in check thus it stays lightweight is a difficult task for every traveler. And thus, it is important to choose clothes that can be wared more than once. This can include a skirt that goes with many tops or a t-shirt that can be washed and worn again.

Choose footwear considering the comfort

Your footwear should match your European travel itinerary. Like, if you are taking direct flights to Barcelona from US to explore the city through bike rides, long heels won’t work. However, if you are traveling for a business meeting then hells will do more good than shoes. Thus, your choice of footwear should be based on what you are going to do in Europe.

Most often travelers pack up shoes that are uncomfortable to wear for longer durations. And thus, at the end of the day, they end up with a foot ache and scratches around their feet. Further, for avoiding this look at your travel itinerary and then decide which footwear will serve your purpose and then pack.

Pack enough socks

However, there is no number of socks that would be enough for your travel to Europe. However, you must pack many of them as socks are easy to pack. Also, socks don’t occupy too much space and do not weigh at all. Thus, they won’t fill up your luggage or make it heavier in any way possible.

The reason behind packing socks is that washing them to reuse them is hard. Also, the European weather is generally cool or wet and thus, there is a need for socks. Further, you must also need to layer your socks to cope up with the cold. And thus, make sure to carry enough that you won’t end up without them.

Choose tops based upon the local style

Instead of being an American on the European land, be a European there as well. Yes, you heard it right and it is extremely important to look like a local in Europe. As con artists and pick-pockets are always looking for travelers as they see them as an easy target. Thus, dressing up in the local style of the destination you are traveling to is a great way to avoid problems.

For this, check up Pinterest or take help from Google to understand the clothing style of the European destination you are traveling to. And then, look for the style that you need to opt for while dressing up in Europe. Further, look for the tops and trousers that help you style the same and then pack for Europe.

Invest in a carry bag

Instead of packing everything in the briefcase, choose a slim carry bag to carry the essentials. You can find these bags anywhere plus they don’t add up to your baggage weight. And are also, allowed to be carried inside the plane with you. Thus, switching them with a tiny handbag is a great option to carry your essentials. Also, this will help you carry more stuff without paying extra luggage fees.

You can pack everything from your medicines to a warm shawl inside this bag. Also, it will not only help you during your plane journey but will help you while exploring Europe as well. As you can carry lunch boxes, water bottles, necessary medicines, a paper map and anything in these bags.

Also, make sure not to carry unnecessary things in the bag that you won’t need during your trip. Because overstuffing products while taking an international trip is always a bad idea.

Make sure to stay waterproof

Europe is prone to sudden rain showers especially during September and October and thus, it is important to stay waterproof. For this, you must carry your luggage inside a waterproof or water-resistant container.

Moreover, you must carry things like an umbrella and a waterproof jacket along with you on your trip. Also, make sure that the shoes you are picking are water-resistant and can be worn daily. Further, you can also look for a waterproof jacket that can be worn any day and anywhere.

Power backup

If you are someone who has important business through his phone or tablet then you must carry power backup. These tools are great and effective in charging your devices without the need for sockets. However, most of the European accommodations provide charging points but sometimes the sockets aren’t right for chargers.

And thus, you have left with no option than to see your e-devices draining out their batteries.

First-aid medical kit

If you are on some regular medications, then make sure to carry enough that can last till you return home. Also, make sure to pack a first-aid medical kit for yourself to stay on the safer side while traveling. Headaches, leg cramps, and flu are some of the traveler’s common friends while traveling aboard.]

And thus, it is necessary to stay cautious and pack up medicines for the same. However, you can always find all the medicines in Europe but sometimes visiting the store looks hustle. And thus, travelers keep postponing their visits and end up ruining their trip to bad health.

Travel documents

Most f the European countries have the same rules for Americans while few are still outcasts. And thus, it is important to check the rules properly before visiting a traveling destination. Further, after checking the requirements prepare a list of the documents required. And then make sure to collect all the documents to travel safely.

You can also, pack your documents separately in a kit before putting them in the bag to keep them safe.

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