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The Six Types of Kitchens You’ll Want to Add to Your Wishlist

With new designs and trends constantly emerging, the world of kitchen design is a constantly evolving beast. That said, there are six main types of kitchens that you’ll likely encounter when browsing design catalogues or viewing properties on an online listing site. Each has its own distinct set of characteristics and will appeal to different home buyers based on their tastes and needs. If you’re looking to buy a home with a kitchen, these six types of kitchen and bath magazine can help you better understand your options as well as see if one might better suit your needs than another.

Contemporary Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen is characterized by a minimalist and sleek design. Such kitchens aim to maximize space by minimizing storage and displaying as few appliances as possible. They’re often finished with light-colored cabinetry and countertops, to allow for a clean and bright aesthetic. They’re also designed to be highly functional, with plenty of space for standing and movement, as well as built-in appliances if space allows. 

Contemporary kitchens often boast a lot of glass fronts and open shelving, providing easy and stylish display space. Because of their minimalistic design, they go well with any style of home and can be tailored to suit many architectural styles.

Open Plan Kitchens

An open-plan kitchen is one that seamlessly blends into the rest of the home’s interior. In general, an open-plan kitchen connects seamlessly with the rest of the home, without any clear delineation between the kitchen and the other spaces in a property. A good example of an open-plan kitchen is one with an island.

Islands, which are usually large countertops or other type of surfaces, can be a great addition to any kitchen and provide ample space for hosting or cooking. Because open-plan kitchens work to seamlessly blend the kitchen into the rest of the home, they’re also ideal for smaller homes, helping to open up a space, rather than closing it down with enclosed and walled-off rooms.

Traditional Kitchens

A traditional kitchen features cabinetry that is usually made of wood, and countertops that usually come in either stone or porcelain. Modern versions of this classic design feature stainless steel appliances and such elements as under-cabinet lighting systems and built-in shelves. As such, an ideal traditional kitchen will be fully equipped to meet all your cooking and baking needs.

Like many other kitchen designs, the traditional kitchen comes in many different variations, allowing you to choose your ideal style, whether it’s rustic, colonial, or something in between. Traditional kitchens can go well with a wide variety of architectural styles and are often a good fit for buyers who prefer a more classic design that blends well with other elements in the home.

Modern Kitchens

A modern kitchen is defined by sleek lines, bold colors, and an abundance of storage space. More often than not, modern kitchens feature cabinets that are built into the walls and countertops made from materials like concrete or stainless steel. Modern kitchens are designed to be bright and visually appealing, often through the use of bold colors and materials that contrast each other.

Modern kitchens are designed to be highly functional, often with built-in appliances and various types of storage, including upper cabinets, pull-out drawers, and built-in drawers and shelves. Modern kitchens usually look great in homes that feature modern architectural elements such as clean lines, geometric patterns, open layouts, and bold colors.

Loft Kitchen

A loft kitchen is one that’s designed to be located in a mezzanine or loft space. Loft kitchens often feature built-in appliances, stainless steel countertops and cabinets, and a large amount of storage. They’re also often finished with natural materials such as wood, stone, or brick. 

Loft kitchens are ideal for smaller homes, especially those that feature a loft or mezzanine, as they give you a lot of room for storing items and preparing meals. Loft kitchens look best when they’re designed to blend seamlessly into the rest of the home’s interior, often with minimal use of color and materials that match the rest of the space.

Corner Kitchen

A corner kitchen features its appliances in the corner of a room. Corner kitchens are ideal for small spaces, as corners are often the trickiest places to put a kitchen. Corner kitchens usually feature built-in appliances, and feature plenty of cabinets to maximize storage space. 

Corner kitchens are ideal for smaller homes, as they can be placed in the corner of a room, often taking up less space than a traditional kitchen. Corner kitchens work best when they’re designed to blend into the room’s aesthetic, either by matching the room’s color scheme or by using visually neutral materials.

Wide-angle kitchens

A wide-angle kitchen is one that’s designed to be as wide as possible. Such kitchens feature a large island or another type of countertop, which is usually in the centre of the room, as well as ample use of tall cabinets and other architectural elements designed to maximize space. 

Wide-angle kitchens are best suited to larger properties, especially those that feature an open layout. Wide-angle kitchens work best when they’re designed to maximize space and function, often through the use of architectural elements such as tall cabinets and an island that can be used to store items as well as serve as a countertop.

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