The Secret how to be a Government supplier over a Night.

The Secret how to be a Government supplier over a Night.

Do you ever think about what to study to become an entrepreneur? You probably have no idea about it because you haven’t ever heard or seen it, but you need not worry about it. You will be baffled to know that there is a class wherein entrepreneurship is discussed as an opportunity to have a career. When you were a kid, most people in the class had dreams of acquiring knowledge just to have a job of their choice. There are approximately 98.76% of people whose dreams are just to get a job at anyhow of their interest where they can work for someone and rest 1.24% people think uniquely from rest of people not to work for anyone. Later on, they become businessmen or entrepreneurs and provide others jobs that they dream for. They have towering dreams and know that a job can never help their fulfillment. Many people want to be their own masters rather than work under another thumb. They become their own masters and start something on their own with a risk of losing, but a little hope to have a positive result. There are very few jobs available in the market these days. The covid-19 has almost exasperated the situation and made it the worst, but when the god closes the doors, he does open a door for everybody.

Social media has almost gathered the world on an online platform to share cultures, technologies, services, and products. The internet and digital marketing have promoted it worldwide. The online job opportunities have made it possible for many of you to have a job in online marketing. This technological era answers how to become entrepreneur without money. I am going to share with you an online website that can turn this unimaginable dream come true how to start social media career. Gem stands for Government E-Marketplace ( an online tendering platform launched by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have a get together of the buyers and the sellers in the same place to reduce the corruption and negligent behavior at the workplace. The Gem portal is a government site that provides a chance to the sellers who deal in both the products and the services. 

Now you may have this question what are the steps to becoming an entrepreneur. This first step starts with an account creation step where the seller sings up with the required information. Haven’t you thought yet about why Gem portal? Some important points can win your trust with this precise data of the portal. There are 2,327,034 registered sellers with a total number of products and services are 4,548,298 for the transaction value of 125,766 crores.  

Why is it mentioned how to become entrepreneur with no money ? This is because you don’t have to pay any registration fee to register on this portal. You can deal in products or services. There is a large range of business options which contains 16303 different categories to work. As this is a government portal hence you can supply it only in the government departments and get paid off for it. The Entrepreneur qualifications don’t matter to deal in any of the above-mentioned categories.

Online tender submission procedure is divided into various crucial parts and each one is mandatory for the tender submission. After the registration process, the seller is required to find out his work category and add it to his profile then he starts receiving the bids which he can offer to the buyers. It starts with uploading a new product or service as per the specifications mentioned in the gem contract paper. It goes for admin clearance in case there is any loophole in the offering, it goes to the notified option where you can check out why it can be notified and proceed with required corrections. When it is published, it appears on the published bar now it is available for you to work on it.

  1. You can match the offering for the ongoing bid for you have scroll down, at the end you see an option for participate just click on it and it will display the published offering. Click on it à save and continue.
  2. Offering price: after you have matched your offering the second option appears to quote the price for the e-tender. You can fill it can save it to move on to the next procedure.
  3. How to upload documents in e Tender: You must know what type of documents required for government tenders in India. The person does have an aadhar card or a PAN card to sign for as a seller on the gem portal. There are other documents requirements as well at the time of fulfilling the government e-tender such as experience, OEM authorization certificate, company’s annual turnover, ATC (additional term & conditions certificate on the requirement of the buyers), and the CE and ISO according to the company’s profession.
  4. EMD or EBG : This option shows only on special requirements made by the buyer at the time of generating the contract. It requires you to have a bank guarantee from a bank for the mentioned months as required and submit the documents here. It has a fixed % of the total order value.
  5. OTP : After completing the above steps now it comes to verifying the OPT (one-time password) it comes on the mentioned e-mail account as well as on the registered mobile no. for 6 digits. When you go for an OTP verify, a pop-up opens and asks you to checkmark it. It shows that you agree to E tender rules and regulations to work on the gem portal. Now you can verify the OTP and this is how an e-tender is filled on the gem portal.

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