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The One Thing You Must Remember When Buying a Ring for Your Anniversary

People of every age have expressed love and devotion to their partners by sliding rings on their fingers. Millions of people every year buy shiny engagement rings to pop up memorable questions to their soulmates. Some invest in them to commemorate a milestone in a relationship. Indeed, a beautiful ring is a perfect way to herald a relationship.

A ring is one of the most significant purchases you can make for your partner. The process looks easy at first, but with so many options available, it gets challenging. Once you are in it, 

you might even find yourself wondering what makes a ring special.

In this guide to buying anniversary rings, you will find one thing to keep in mind while shopping for an anniversary ring. Moreover, you will find some classic ring styles that can never go out of style. 

Anniversary Ring Is Different From Engagement Rings

An anniversary band is a celebration of a milestone in a relationship or marriage. The metal, gemstones, and accent stones used in these rings show how precious the bond is. Some pairs regard the first year of matrimony as a turning point in their lives. But, most couples celebrate the 5th, 10th, and 25th anniversaries with such valuable gifts.

On the other hand, engagement rings and wedding bands mark ownership. These rings represent that the owner is happily committed and taken. Therefore, most women wear them for their lifetime. In some cases, they even forward them to the next generations as heirlooms as well.

Generally, both anniversary and wedding bands indicate the husband’s wealth and status. The extravagance of the ring signifies how heavily a wife can rely on her man for financial support.

What Does an Anniversary Ring Symbolize?

Anniversary rings are an impression of love, devotion, and commitment. The rings are circles; they do not have a beginning or an end. So, they represent the boundless affection that two people share.

Eternity rings are one of the most popular choices for anniversary rings because they symbolize the everlasting nature of a bond. It is indeed a meaningful expression of care towards your partner.

If you look at the traditions, the stones used in a jewelry piece make lots of difference. Many mark their five or ten years of togetherness with diamonds and emeralds. These gems have a vibe of royalty, boldness, and luxury.

Three Ring Settings That Will Always Stay Relevant

An anniversary is an event of excitement, nostalgia, and promises for an even better future. The thought and effort you put into buying a gift express your admiration for your partner. The market is abundant in options, be it gems or specific ring designs. However, some styles are timeless and relevant for all ages and occasions.

Whether you want to invest in a diamond ring or some other gem, consider the following settings:

  1. Solitaire Ring

Solitaires are one of the most common yet classic styles for a ring. These bands feature a single stone mounted on a metal band. You can ask your jeweler to adjust the stone size to your partner’s liking. Moreover, the shape of the gem can also vary from a simple oval to a beautiful cushion cut.

  1. Three Stones Setting

Three stones are one of the most popular settings in rings that use diamonds or diamonds with other gems as accent stones.

Such bands feature a trinity of stones mounted in the center with the help of three sets of prongs. The center stone is slightly bigger than the two equally impressive side stones. Sapphires and emeralds are favored options as accent stones to create a colorful style.

  1. Halo Setting

This ring features a center stone surrounded by a ring of smaller accent stones. The outer halo of gems adds an extra sparkle to the ring, enhancing the visual impact of the centerpiece. If your lady love prefers extravagant bands, you can order one with two halos, i.e., two outer rows of accent stones.

Remember Her Style

The most vital thing that will determine your choice of jewelry is the overall style of your lady. Therefore, you have to remember this one thing throughout the process of selecting and ordering jewelry.

Now, you may not be sure of the designs your other half likes, but you must be familiar with her sense of style. For instance, you probably know she leans more toward classic or modern. You will also have an idea if she prefers minimalistic or extravagant jewelry. Besides, if you know she inclines towards diamonds or some other gems, you know enough to make a purchase.

A woman with a taste in modern jewelry will prefer pieces that make statements bold enough to make people stop and stare. On the contrary, a woman who favors a classic style would love timeless and tasteful pieces that complement, not stand out.

A Budget-Friendly Diamond Ring for Your Anniversary

Setting a budget for diamond anniversary jewelry can be tricky. The typical old rule says that a diamond ring is equivalent to your three-month salary. But, in the modern world, old rules seldom hold up.

Lab-grown diamond rings and jewelry pieces are an excellent way to surprise your significant other on your special occasion. They only take a few weeks to grow and are a lot less pricey than natural or mined diamonds. Besides, they are almost impossible to distinguish.

You can never go wrong with diamonds because they are a woman’s best buddies. In fact, it is a gift your woman will develop a unique attachment to and remember forever.

Wrapping Up

Ring shopping will never be a stressful experience if you do your research before getting into the process. Consult with a jewelry expert if you have to. You can progress with the task confidently once you know what you need precisely.

An anniversary gift is not like any other gift. It affiliates with your relationship, so it has to be meaningful and memorable. Ultimately, your choice will express how much you value your connection with your significant other. 

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