The Best Ways to Pass the Time When You’re Stuck at Home 

The Best Ways to Pass the Time When You’re Stuck at Home 

When you find yourself stuck at home, it can be incredibly difficult trying to think of the different ways that you might be able to pass the time. There are lots of different things available that you can do, though, whether these are purely for entertainment or have a much more productive element to them. Regardless of what you are hoping to achieve with your activities, the below list will outline at least one thing that appeals to you. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can entertain yourself when you’re stuck at home. 

Finally Master the Skill of Folding a Fitted Sheet 

A lot of people want to know exactly how they can master the skill of folding a fitted sheet, but it is effort to take the time out and properly commit to getting it right. Well, if you find yourself at home with nothing to do, then it could be time to master one of the top mysteries known to homeowners all across the planet. Your linen closet is never going to be the same once you follow some of these easy to understand instructions on how you can perfectly fold a fitted sheet. 

Play a New Board Game 

Board games are on the comeback and as such, a lot of organizations such as Aurosi (found at are redesigning and developing high-quality games inspired by classic designs. These vary from connect 4 to chess but all of them are so much fun that you won’t believe just how quickly time passes when you get going. Those nights when you are stuck at home with nothing to do will just fly by as soon as the game leaves the box. 

Conquer Your Junk Drawer 

Why not take advantage of the spare time you have and bank some of those small victories that we could all use a dose of every now and then. There are a number of different junk drawer organization ideas available to you which will allow you to turn the chaos consisting of clutters of loose pens, rubber bands and batteries into a calming order that doesn’t make you anxious every time you open it. 

Throw a ‘Netflix Party’ 

Why not get some friends over and have a Netflix party with them? There is such a huge and exciting array of new shows on Netflix that you and your friends will be entertained for hours as you lose yourself in worlds of fantasy, horror and laughs. It’s always good to see friends whenever possible and when you all watch a movie together, this can be a real bonding experience for everyone. 


There is nothing worse than having a night when you’re stuck at home and feel like you have nothing to do. There are a lot of options available that will keep you entertained, whether you want to be productive or entertain yourself. Regardless, if you follow the above then you will be happy to see these boring nights breeze right past. 


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