The Benefits Of Swimming: a sport for the whole family

The Benefits Of Swimming: a sport for the whole family

It is often said that swimming is considered a complete sport. Indeed, we can consider it as a unique sport, suitable among other things for the whole family. The benefits of swimming are really many, starting from the fact that this discipline allows you to train the whole body at the same time. But what are the main characteristics of swimming? Let’s find out together in the next few lines.

Swimming: a complete sport

As anticipated, swimming is a complete sport, and the list of benefits of this discipline is really long. In fact, swimming is good for body and mind. First of all, we must emphasize that it allows you to use a large number of muscles, such as those of the arms, legs, abdominals, buttocks, back and neck. Basically no other sport is capable of activating so many muscles.

In addition to this, we remember how water in general represents a perfect   Lifeguard Training ground, since when we are immersed what is the perception of our weight is more than halved. This is possible because it is precisely the water that sustains us. We are talking about a condition that allows even the less trained to move without being affected by the joints, which instead happens in other sports.

The benefits of swimming

A regular workout in the pool allows you to reinforce the bone scaffold. In fact, while the person is swimming, the rib cage is enlarged slightly, correcting possible vertebral deviations. But the benefits of swimming for the back do not end there, because the muscles also tone strongly, and for this reason it decreases that little hump that basically any person has when relaxing their shoulders.

But swimming is also good for the heart, since it is an aerobic activity. We are talking about a real cure-all that allows you to keep the dangerous cholesterol under control, and for this reason to significantly reduce cardiovascular risks. For all these reasons, the constant practice of this sport allows to regulate the glycemic values ​​and to decrease the cholesterol values.

Nor should we forget how the temperature of the water while swimming, clearly lower than that of the body, is able to dilute the heat caused by the effort, preventing the heart muscle from being overloaded. On the contrary, the heart is empowered in a balanced way.

Benefits of swimming for women

Some of the benefits of swimming benefit women. This is because by training the upper body, the pectoral muscles are also essentially trained. This directly produces a tonic effect for the breasts. In addition to this, it is precisely the water massage that is particularly beneficial for the contrast of breast tenderness.

This is a typical condition especially in the pre-menstrual periods. But it doesn’t stop there, because swimming allows you to regain your ideal weight rather quickly. In fact, combined with a balanced diet, swimming helps to burn calories very quickly with lifeguard training. Precisely for this reason it is able to dry the silhouette in all those important points for women, such as the abdomen and buttocks.

Benefits of swimming at 40

Over 40 years of age means having to deal with some changes, both physically and psychologically. In this last juncture, clearly each person makes an individual path, while for the physical change it is appropriate to keep in mind some fixed points. This is especially true if the intentions are to re-engage in sports after a lot of inactivity.

Precisely for these reasons, swimming is one of the most suitable sports to resume training and get back in shape. This is because, as explained above, it allows you to work at 360 ° on almost all the muscles, but without overloading the joints. On the contrary, it has an excellent impact on the latter because it allows you to recover elasticity, without forgetting how swimming is also excellent for the lungs.

Benefits of swimming in children

For children, swimming is a precious source of growth and well-being. This is because it strengthens the muscles, but is also able to strengthen the bones, thereby preventing any forms of scoliosis. In addition to this, it allows to improve the cognitive abilities, self-esteem of children and the level of concentration.

The swimming leads to a truly balanced development of the muscles, in contrast to other disciplines that instead overload only some parts of the body. Just think of tennis or cycling. Others, on the other hand, weigh down the back excessively, such as artistic gymnastics, while this sport works on all muscles in a balanced way.

Precisely for these reasons, swimming is particularly suitable for all those children who have posture problems, preventing them from assuming inappropriate positions and leading them to keep their back straight in a natural way. Among other things, the benefits of swimming are so evident that this discipline is often also used as a rehabilitation tool following an injury.

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