Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres – Advantages & Disadvantages

Summer tyres are an excellent choice for those drivers and vehicle owners looking to get the most out of their cars in hot temperatures. These tyres provide adequate performance, safety and efficiency in all road conditions. At the same time, it’s an easier choice to go with all-season tyres and not worry about switching them year-round. But, with all-weather tyres, you need to compromise on the safety and overall performance of the car because these tyres are not as efficient as their summer counterparts in extreme heat conditions. In summers, the most vital factor to consider is the quality of tyres. If the tyres are of poor quality, the driving experience will be affected, and along with that, the vehicle handling and controlling power will also be reduced. These tyres are also referred to as performance tyres because their rubber compound compliments the performance of sports cars and sedans. 

What are Summer Tyres?

These tyres are specially designed to offer increased grip and traction on both dry and wet roads. In addition, summer tyres London features a unique tread design and wider grooves that channel the water and slush away from the tread to mitigate the risk of aquaplaning when driving on the wet road surface. Hydroplaning or aquaplaning is the loss of braking or steering due to excess water on the ground. With summer tyres, you can remain worry-free because they are designed to keep this problem at bay. Conclusively, these radials are considered the best for providing optimal performance in any given condition. Also, their specialist rubber compound makes the car remain stable and in control when the temperature rises above 7 degrees Celsius; they are designed for such climatic conditions. So, if you live in an area where the normal temperature in the summer season is around or more than 7 degrees Celsius, then these variants are the ideal choice for you. 

Advantages of Summer Tyres

Increased Stability – Due to their unique tread patterns and lower grooves, these tyres offer better stability on wet and dry roads, making them the best choice for warmer weather. 

Improved Fuel Efficiency – These tyres have less friction on the road, meaning low rolling resistance. And, the tyres with LLR require less energy to function, resulting in less fuel consumption. 

Shorter Braking Distance – Their sticky compound helps provide faster acceleration and stopping on dry and wet surfaces. And, the fewer grooves in summer tyres help in drifting the water away from the tread, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. 

Excellent Grip and Traction – The specialist rubber compound of summer tyres offers excellent road-holding competence, encouraging safety in extreme conditions. These tyres provide improved speed along with better braking and cornering ability. 

Better Handling – With wet roads come too many challenges for drivers, increasing the chances of losing control. These tyres contain tread patterns that offer better vehicle handling on roads filled with water, ice or snow. 

Disadvantages of Summer Tyres

Shorter Lifespan – The highest quality all-season tyres manufactured by the top and iconic companies and are often highly-rated, last up to 60,000 miles. At the same time, summer tyres are warranted up to 35,000-40,000 miles. And, if you are an aggressive driver or run a high-performance car, the mileage is likely to come down more than what’s mentioned. 

Ineffective in Cold Weather – Summer tyres can be operated in the spring and autumn season. But once the temperature begins to drop below 7 degrees Celsius, these tyres won’t be operable and need to be replaced because the flexibility of summer tyres falls in the cold weather. 

Extra Expense: Since these tyres cannot be used in cold temperatures, you need to incorporate two sets of tyres, one for summer and winter. And, having to buy two sets of radials will cost you more than that of buying a pair of all-season tyres. 

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