Study in Austria: university preparation programs
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To study in Austria, you frequently require additional terminology or esoteric credentials. We’ve assembled an essential introduction into the programs which will be able to allow you to secure those skills.

Preparation programs

Preparation programs help international students who take supplies from Australian schools pass their university final admissions exam. Study in Austria, the kind and character of such programs are particular to every university.

Some times, these prep programs are held in another university into the main one that which you have employed to. This usually means that you may possibly want to journey to complete the program that’s ideal for you personally.

OeAD prep programs

A great deal of college prep programs are conducted through a organization called the OeAD. The OeAD Provides a wider Selection of programs, including German as a foreign language, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and much more.

Example OeAD prep program – Vienna

In Vienna, six universities take part in a OeAD prep program. Approximately 900 offer holders attend this university prep program annually. You may just affect these programs once you’re accepted with a participating university.

Ordinarily, offer holders have been registered as non-degree program students in their own university. In order to use their university place, students need to pass the groundwork program.

Viennese prep programs have a tendency to endure for a single term. The winter session runs from October to February and the summer season runs from March to June. Which term the program operates in changes from institution to institution. Each institution also offers different enrolment dates and deadlines, therefore it’s essential that you obtain special information from the own university.

Viennese German vocabulary prep programs will often need 22 to 24 courses each week. The prices will be 1,180 EUR per program also around 30 EUR to get substances. Students from certain states pay a lesser commission of 480 EUR – that the OeAD internet site linked to in the base with the guide has additional information about this particular.

Alternative prep programs

Beyond the OeAD, additional businesses also provide college prep programs. The particular information for each program fluctuates, however it is possible to find details and applications on their web sites, which people link to at the base of the guide.

Here are a Few Examples of prep programs run by other businesses:

German-language prep programs

University of systems Upper Austria – German speech prep program

to utilize for the particular program, students necessitate some standard German vocabulary skills – that the admissions process involves an interview in German and English.

This program lasts only a year 5 plus costs 3,600 EUR.

Universitat Salzburg – German Preparation Program.

This tool does not require any former German language abilities.

The plan is just three to four semesters long and costs 630 EUR each session.

Other prep programs

University of Systems Upper Austria – International Foundation Program in Maths, Physics, English and German

This tool includes choices for pupils without existing German vocabulary abilities.

The plan takes one or two decades and costs 3,600 EUR a year.

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