Strategies to Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

Strategies to Take Your Fundraising Campaigns To The Next Level

If you are a non-profit organization, you are likely to depend on a stable source of income to promote your charitable works. The fundraising strategy you adopt is important to your short-term and long-term success.

In today’s world, peer-to-peer fundraising activities have become a very popular choice for non-profit organizations. By allowing the most loyal supporters of your NGO to create a personal mini fundraising page, they will raise money on your behalf and promote your cause for humanity! For savvy businesses, peer fundraising is a rare opportunity to involve your supporters and communities in an unprecedented way while quickly achieving your fundraising goals. 

Whether your non-profit organization wants to modify an existing fundraising strategy or needs to develop a smooth fundraising strategy with the help of the WordPress fundraising plugin, this article will help you develop a fundraising strategy from scratch!

Why have a fundraising strategy? 

Regardless of the financial situation, the key to effective fundraising is proper planning. Although training and meetings can deliver the systematic information needed to achieve high-impact fundraising, all strategies must include a series of steps and can be functional to any organization or cause. 

 A fundraising strategy is not a philosophical idea or concept locked in your mind. It is based on clear advice, targets, and procedures compiled in the document for everyone to see, including your employees, donors, board members, and the general public. 

 Considering fundraising strategies as a financial roadmap is a key to success. Your fundraising strategy may break into different segments, including proven and authentic methods that you repeat every year and other methods that may be unfamiliar within your organization. 

Explore your donors

It’s usual to send the same request to every potential donor for your fundraising event, but this year, try to pay exclusive attention to everyone when facing a pandemic. It would be best if you approached different people so that they might participate in different ways. 

 For instance, when you call for charity door to door, they may answer in person, but they might ignore the emails you sent when you send them emails. This year fundraising activities need to be more efficient.

The following tips are tools you can add to your fundraising strategy and start to succeed. 

Develop Action Plan with Donation for WooCommerce 

Your non-profit organization will be more capable of successfully launching fundraising activities with everyone on the same page. Donation For WooCommerce enables your organization to compile strategic donation campaigns. 

Reform your fundraising activities with new features. With Donation for WooCommerce, you can receive charitable income over personalized donation forms, maintain donation insights and reports, achieve potential donors, and introduce a wide array of services, including third-party gateways.

 Some great fundraising features that your organization may find fruitful include: 

  • creating custom donation forms. 
  • Allowing text donation features.
  • Crowdfunding and peer donation options. 
  • Carts and checkout page integration. 

 Determine your point of view 

 To make your fundraising plan as realistic as possible, please list your fundraising prospects. If you plan to recruit new members, compile the mailing lists you may use and the number of people on each list. If your goal is to obtain a certain amount of funds from companies, list these companies and the amount you plan to ask for each company. If you are budgeting for the foundation’s income, please list every foundation you think your organization can fund. 

 To make your forecast more accurate, create a chart showing the name of each financing prospect, followed by the amount and rating you think you can apply for to show your best estimate of the opportunity. 

Digital fundraising 

 As many non-profit organizations already know, digital fundraising channels are indeed the source of funds today. As more and more people go online, use smartphones, and sign up for digital media, it won’t be very responsible if your organization does not include some digital strategies in its fundraising activities. 

 Use gamification techniques in fundraising activities 

 Gamification is a strategy to implement friendly competition in fundraising activities. This strategy shows donors and others influence your activities to encourage them to contribute more. 

myCred GiveWP is the best solution to provide preferred gamification techniques that your NGOs can implement in the coming event consist of: 

  • Fundraising Bars. The fundraising bars visualize how close your NGO is to achieving your campaign target. Include this bar update in bulletins, outdoor events, and directly on your donation website so that donors can easily see the impact and your ongoing progress.
  • Fundraising badge. Badges are particularly effective for peer-to-peer fundraising frameworks. When fundraisers reach a planned donation benchmark, they will receive a badge in recognition of their accomplishments. So, they have more inspiration to keep improving!
  • Donor leaderboards. Show your classified donors on the donor thank-you leaderboards to encourage others to work hard to become great sponsors. This shows your gratitude to the donors and provides an element of competition among supporters.

myCred is the best plugin to support 

 Modify your website

Rebranding or a little revamp on websites might make a big difference, but as your organization’s home base for online business, they are worth visiting again.

 Your website may be how most followers contact you online, so it’s important to make a good first impression. 

 Here are some of the keys to designing an attractive and compelling website: 

  • Build consistency: All features of the website should represent your brand so that visitors always understand your organization as they browse. Stick to fonts, formatting, and color schemes to avoid mystifying visitors. 
  • Express your story: Websites with real stories are more likely to entice viewers. When readers recognize why you are so obsessive about this cause, they will trust your association and want to follow your example. 
  • Include compelling content: it is the top marketing strategy to provide your visitors with something valuable. Including content-rich blogs, videos, real-stories, audio, etc., let visitors understand your activity and its reasons and help them understand its value.
  • Create readable content: Easy-to-read content is essential to avoid confusion. Content divided into brief, powerful paragraphs is easier to understand, which increases the possibility that visitors will stop and donate a good amount.


The smart plugin can benefit nonprofit organizations, so find out what it can do for you! Every donation counts, so use all this information about your volunteers, donors, and other supporters to adapt your outreach. You can take your fundraising campaigns to the next level by taking advantage of executing these opportunities.


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