Where To Go With Your Ideal Travel Companions

Starcation Predictions For 2021: Where To Go With Your Ideal Travel Companions

According to astrology, each zodiac sign has very well-defined characteristics that determine many of your choices and decisions. Do you want to do a bucket list trip but have not decided where? Let your sign guide you and choose one of these places that, according to the distinctive features that you obtained on the day and time you were born according to this discipline, are the perfect ones for you.

So, without any doubt, made up your mind, make delta airlines booking online and save up to 45% off on every flight to places according to your zodiac sign determines. So, why wait? gather your backpack, rope in some good old friends, and ride away for the most ideal, yet crazy trip of your life!

Your ideal trip for the year 2021 based on your zodiac sign


Arians like trips that are challenging and that test their ingenuity to discover charming and fun enclaves, but that at the same time can bring them peace and tranquility. Paradoxically, they love the rhythm of big cities. Your perfect place is Bali, where the tranquility of its temples and beaches mixes with more cosmopolitan pleasures such as its hundreds of spas.


Bulls like to be pampered and surrounded by sensuality. However, to find balance, they need something that takes them out of their comfort zone, they also enjoy very green places to encourage self-discovery. But your ideal destination is Paris, the city of love and culture; It seems like a very typical choice but you will be surrounded by delicacies for your senses.


Geminis are fascinated by parties and are looking for versatility. They like vacations where they can do many different things, experiment, and learn something different every day. Go to Ireland, the pubs will offer you all the parties you want. If you visit Cork, Galway, and Dublin you will find hundreds of places to get lost without a certain plan.


Crabs naturally seek water, but they also like quiet and comfortable vacations. They like to go to places where they can delve into the history, traditions, and roots of the place.

Your perfect places in Thailand to visit, which combines great culture and history, beautiful temples, and spectacular and very quiet beaches.


Leo likes to go where he can feel sexy, look wonderful, feel vibrant, and be very alive. It is better if it is a colorful place with an artistic sense.


For Virgo, physical activity is important, but also wants to connect with the place. You are interested in creating a feeling of being well, of ‘feeling whole’ in the place you visit. He likes to share the trips with his better half, but his romanticism is not very classic.


Libra needs two things:  beauty and socializing. You tend to feel isolated in new environments, so you like to go places where you can feel connected to others, but it must be beautiful as well.


Scorpions love mystery, places that transform you, their ideal places can be very extreme places or places where pleasure comes first, to experience metamorphosis and renewal, or to please the body to all that it gives.


Sagittarius is the traveler par excellence, they love to explore and be on the move all the time. They like the different and places where they can feel totally free and let themselves be carried away by their intuition. They also seek to connect spiritually with the environment.


Capricorns are patient, resourceful, good at finding hidden enclaves, but they also like fun, elegance, style, and culture. They also like to feel that by traveling they are achieving or learning something.


Intellectual stimulation and creative inspiration are two strong inclinations of Aquarians to travel. They like exotic places and learning about the culture of the country they visit.


Pisceans are a very spiritually focused sign, but they always prefer to be near water, like good fish. They should look for peaceful and quiet places, but with some water around them.

In the Nutshell

These are some predictions for Ideal travel with your companions in 2021. And where to go according to your zodiac sign. But before that, call your buddies and plan a trip to one of these holiday destinations with AirlinesMap to get the best travel package and enjoy your life. Also, let us know in the comments below.


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