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SSC-CGL: Why is the Exam Popular among the Graduates?

Every year, lakhs of aspirants sit for various government exams to secure a government job. The importance of government jobs in India can’t be more emphasised. While a government job might help you have a secure career, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Among various government exams, SSC-CGL is popular among most graduates. This is one of the country’s most distinguished and sought-after exams. 

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a government organisation in India that hires individuals at various levels in several ministries and Central Government agencies, as well as its subordinate offices. Every year, the commission administers the SSC-CGL, a graduate-level exam. The SSC Admit Cards are released 15-20 days before the exam. The results are declared within a month once the 4-tier exam is concluded.

According to official estimates, 17,86,047 applicants took this test in 2015. With such a large number, it is worth considering what makes this exam so popular among graduate job applicants. Why should a candidate take this test when there are so many other possibilities for a career? We will find the answers to this question in the given article.

Why Take SSC-CGL?

The following are the reasons why is the SSC-CGL exam so popular among the candidates:

  • Career advancement: The SSC continues to hold grade-based departmental competitive tests for current Central Government employees. This gives them a lot of room to flourish. Superior achievement in these tests might put a person on a fast track to advancement in their job.
  • Equal opportunities: In a common way, the Central Government is an equal opportunity employer. It makes no distinctions based on caste, creed, religion, ethnicity, or any other factor. The recruitments made appear to be mostly transparent. To get picked, one must demonstrate one’s merit in a competitive exam.
  • Timely promotions: Seniority is an important factor in Central Government promotion policies. The amount of time spent on the work is given due consideration. Employees are adequately compensated based on their level of expertise.
  • Job security: The Indian government is seen as a reliable employer, in contrast to many private sector firms, which have a hire and fire work culture. Job prospects in the public sector are essentially untouched by the job market’s demand and supply variables.
  • Pay raises: Pay commissions assess the salary structure granted to Central Government employees on a regular basis. Salaries in the public sector rise when pay commission recommendations are followed. These proposals have recently been employee-friendly, making Central Government positions even more attractive.
  • Financial security: Working for the government provides total financial security. The government is not likely to fall behind on salary payments to its employees. The payments are made on schedule, and there is no need to be concerned about the salary not being deposited into the account.
  • Social standing: A person engaged in the Central Government has a respectable social standing. Many people apply for SSC-CGL because they want more than simply a well-paying job; they want the social prestige that comes with the position. For many applicants, the SSC-CGL is the initial step toward their goal of one day becoming a gazetted officer.
  • Work-life balance: Passing the SSC-CGL assures that you will acquire a position that allows you to have a good work-life balance. In contrast to the private sector, where job performance is paramount, Central Government employment allows for adequate time for personal enrichment.

The SSC-CGL job is an integral aspect of the bureaucracy’s operation. If you pass the exam, you will be recruited for service in Group ‘B’ or Group ‘C’. The other details related to the exam, like age limit, qualifications, number of vacancies etc., are provided in the SSC Notification. A candidate must be familiar with the exam pattern and the syllabus before starting to prepare for the exam.

If a candidate is considering what to do after graduation, SSC-CGL is one of the best career options. The right strategy, hard work and good guidance can help one to clear the exam in the first go. We hope the above article was helpful and informative.

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