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Srihari Global IISD Foundation: An Initiative by Kanoria Foundation

Srihari Global IISD Foundation: An Initiative by Kanoria Foundation

Kanoria Foundation is a multi-faceted charitable organisation that strives to support marginalised communities in a holistic way that promotes their health, education, and all-around well-being. As such, the Srihari Global IISD Foundation, jointly developed by SREI and the Kanoria Foundation was formed with the objective to perpetuate skill development and acquisition of knowledge amongst the underprivileged. Under the vision and guidance of its founder Mr. Hemant Kanoria, Srihari Global IISD aims to impart an education that is aligned with the relevant industry skills in order to prepare students for the professional world and provide them with a viable opportunity to secure a livelihood for themselves and their families.


Srihari Global IISD’s driving force is its mission to provide the students with the resources and instil the values to gain self-sufficiency.  The educational institution, jointly founded by the Kanoria Foundation and SREI, is grounded in its firm beliefs of: 

Academic Courses by SREI 

Under its academic courses, SREI’s Srihari Global IISD foundation offers two vocational courses, in Graphics & Multimedia as well as Journalism, with multiple exit points that allow the students to obtain a diploma if they do not meet degree requirements. SREI foundation ensures that students gain hands-on, practical skills that prepare them for the workforce. As such, the objectives of the graphic design course align with the mission. These objectives include:

Similarly, the journalism program, also founded by Kanoria Foundation and SREI, has similar objectives that focus on the development of creative, agile journalists who are proficient in a range of production approaches, including print, digital, and broadcast journalism.

Preparatory courses by SREI 

Srihari Global IISD’s preparatory courses were created with the goal of encouraging close collaboration with industry and other utility sectors. Its intimate ties to the industry foster innovation and assist students in obtaining skills that will prepare them for a rewarding career. They provide an engaging, student-friendly learning atmosphere and an exceptional standard of learning with a team of professionally qualified instructors and academic staff.

These preparatory courses stress mostly work-integrated education to make them cutting-edge leaders and to advance with a holistic education that facilitates the creation of a better future, with the offerings of a wide range of courses such as Medicine, Digital Marketing, Animation, and photoshop

The Next Steps: Placements & Internships

Srihari Global IISD Foundation, under the vision and execution of SREI and Kanoria Foundation,  invites the best recruiters in the market during the placement season covering various sectors such as Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts, Media & Entertainment Management, Journalism, Graphics & Multimedia, etc. The sheer diversity of recruiters across all domains and the extensive participation of industry leaders is the epitome of the institution’s offerings.  

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