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Solutions for Uberized Field Service Management

‘Uberize’ the delivery of field services via online platforms

For some of their service field delivery needs, Cape Town and Johannesburg residents will now be able to use mobile and desktop platforms. 

Acumen Software and a software development consultancy developed the My Smart City platform. Residents can report potholes, monitor power and water outages, contact local authorities, and submit requests, to name a few examples of field services. 

Within a few months, residents will have access to private services, manage crowdfunding drives, and gain access to local area social events and games. 

To register 4,000,000 users in Cape Town and Joburg, the mobile and electronic platform has officially launched its first service.

My City Smart platform gives South Africans a voice in settling field service delivery issues and allowing them to view issues and events, focus on them, and connect with the right field service providers to resolve their issues.

By putting the power in the hands of residents using the platform, this platform could potentially transform field service delivery like Uber. A large number of residents and contract workers will be hired through the platform over time.

Known as Acumen Software, Imvelo Ventures has provided private equity investment to facilitate the development and launch of the platform in collaboration with Capitec and Andzani Ventures, owned by Sappi. 

According to the organization, the My Smart City platform has now been integrated with the City of Cape Town call management system, and it plans to integrate with all city systems to automate resident data flow. 

The launch center staff at Acumen Software will act as a channel between residents and regional cities so that issues related to residents are registered and tracked according to the My Smart City platform. 

My Smart City is controlled by “ForceLink,” which provides an ERP solution for mobile domain and business-to-business communications. 

Cape Town City Power is responsible for managing blackouts and supporting work on the power network, while the City of Joburg uses Forcelink to maintain the MyCiTi Bus system infrastructure. 

By using its Forcelink platform backbone, the company offers a B2C aggregate platform to the general public through the My Smart City platform. By using this platform, residents, local government representatives, and city administrators will be able to work together in a protected and controlled environment, to improve city-provided field services. 

Our Smart City is an expansion of Force Link. Force Link is a software platform developed because there was an urgent need in the South African market for a SaaS (software-as-a-service) field services ERP management solution that could scale from small to large businesses. SaaS-based solutions have the disadvantage of being sponsored by systems that aren’t capable of offering benefits non-digital solutions can.

Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the web provide download links for My Smart City App. And you can also download the Field Engineer App for IT-related field services.

Industry Digitalization and Field Services

As a result of low-cost/non-code responses, a responsible business not only simplifies the concept-to-implementation process but also improves its performance. The field services business, which spans many verticals and operates at various levels of digital adoption, is an excellent example of a business that can gain substantial benefits from the implementation of the first digital culture.

As a result of field service transfers and the complexity of managing complex work processes regularly, uberization requires organizational changes to occur quickly and efficiently.

Before embarking on a digital journey, field service professionals should consider their level of expertise. For instance, working in an oil or gas industry facility would be an example. Most of the time, groups like these are run by aging administrators who don’t have the necessary knowledge. Furthermore, their level of technological sophistication might not be comparable to, say, that of a 30,000-year-old. Every organization understands the importance of ensuring an employee-centered experience and empowering every employee.

Next, clients should be alerted to possible challenges they might face. Those to whom the local language is not their first language or who do not understand well will have trouble making text-based and rock-solid decisions. Consider the most effective method of contacting each employee.

Organizations can tailor their operating systems to match the needs of their experts. To remove language barriers, a field service technician might create a drawing that differs from normal messages so that the client feels understood.

Pictures of tasks being performed, like configuring or repairing your PC, will appear on this screen along with the symbols for the PC or laptop below. By simply clicking on this photo, the technology will capture the location, the time (closes them and leaves automatically), and finish the work.

Take the case of a company with 500 employees, of whom 400 know how to use mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones. The quality of the client experience can be improved by these companies implementing cutting-edge technology. There can be different user experiences for the remaining 100 field workers; the same information can be entered the same way regardless of their method.

There is no easy way to consolidate, overhaul processes for field workers, and configure processes quickly using traditional information management systems. Even so, low-code approaches can simplify processes. Organizations can update the software by relocating editors and collaborating with code developers instead of hiring untrained contractors or clicking coders.

Providers of managed services

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