Singapore Dream Cruise Ride with City Tour Package

Singapore Dream Cruise Ride with City Tour Package

A Singapore cruise ride is on everyone’s bucket list. Obviously, who doesn’t love a luxurious life in the water? And if the global hallmarks of Singapore tourism are also added to this exploration, then the trip will become a complete entertainment package.

Roaming Routes’ Singapore cruise packages offer travelers a chance to quench their cravings for an accessible cruise trip that covers popular destinations of Singapore island such as the Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, and nocturnal zoo night safari. You have 10 days to make Singapore feel your presence. Singapore cruise packages are the perfect choice for honeymoon couples, family vacations, and an escape from the world with friends.

So let’s start with those places which are the first in the line to handle the enthusiasm of travelers.

Places to visit in Singapore city tour

Singapore is a tiny island that gives you the feeling of being in a western country. This country has shocked the world with its best growth rate in a short time and has everything for travelers to explore. Roaming Routes Singapore tour package covers popular places that are on the global traveler’s list.

Singapore Nocturnal Zoo

Singapore cruise

The Night Safari in Singapore holds global recognition and has been awarded by the Singapore Tourism Board. This adventure safari is unlike any other jungle

safari in the world. Most sanctuaries are allowed entry only during the day, but this nocturnal zoo in Singapore is open only at night. Travelers sit in an open tram going into deeper the forest, and slowly, the darkness starts to clad. Just imagine what it would be like to find yourself alone in a forest full of screams of animals at night? You will never forget this horrifying experience.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore cruise

This flyer is the world’s largest observation point from where the entire island appears like an ants colony. Each capsule of the Singapore Flyer is a tiny house in itself where you can sit and enjoy a meal with your beloved. It’s definitely like trying to sit above the world in the dim moonlight by the seaside of Singapore, so have at least one evening meal with your family on the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark

Singapore cruise

High-speed water slides and sudden encounters with sea creatures, Adventure Cove Waterpark, is a spectacular amusement park. The warm-blooded can mess with the aquatic shells, and the lazy can spend the day lying in the water. This water park is the perfect place for an unforgettable day out with the family.

Singapore Water Cove Waterpark has 20,000 fish and some sharks, which combine fear and thrill.

Singapore Sea Aquarium

Singapore cruise

The huge marine aquarium on Sentosa Island is a great way to peek into the life of marine life. This marine aquarium has more than 100,000 creatures from 1000 species, including magnificent reef fish and large fin sharks performing amazing tricks to amuse the hearts of the tourists.

The aquarium should be at the top of your list when exploring Singapore city as it attracts many travelers to Singapore every year.

Garden by the Bay

Singapore cruise

A waterfront flower garden that fills the nostrils of the visitors with fragrance. Marina, the Bay Garden, is included in the list of the most extensive gardens in the world. This garden is divided into four parts in East and West respectively, and in 2019 Singapore Tourism included it in the Best Attraction.

2 Days on Singapore Cruise

Singapore cruise

As mentioned, this Singapore Dream Cruise Package gives you a chance to stay on a 2-day cruise; then it’s time to take a break from the famous places of Singapore and camp on the cruise. Life on the cruise is luxurious, and each traveler gets their own cabin; this cruise will take you to different places in the next two days, so be ready for a cultural change. Dream cruise is no less than a small town, you can roam in every part of the ship, and many indoor games are also here to kill time.

Overall, this will be a luxurious and exciting Singapore cruise/city package that you will remember for life. The cost of Singapore cruise package starts from ₹ 85,000 which is a basic package includes 2 days cruise tour. This cost goes up to

₹ 1,30,000 with the increase in travel duration and amenities.


Singapore with Dream Cruise Getaway Package from India’s top travel agent Roaming Routes is the one you’re looking for. This package is an ideal travel option for a family vacation or honeymoon. Usually, Roaming routes determine the cost of tour package as per average travel cost. Still, with the custom package, you can design your package with an experienced travel manager assisting you.

Also, the inclusion list of Singapore cruise package covers all the elements that give an accessible and better travel experience to the passengers. For information on other Singapore tour packages and inclusion list of cruise packages visit the websites.

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