Refurbished Phones: Do you think they are the right choice?

Refurbished Phones: Do you think they are the right choice?

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone refers to the phones that were once owned by someone but have returned to the manufacturer because of some faults in them. However, not all refurbished phones were once faulty phones. The phones were returned to the manufacturer by their owners only within the 30-day cooling period because they no longer wanted to use the phone or wanted to get a new smartphone model launched. These phones are also labeled as refurbished phones. 

Also, as you know when the world’s leading smartphone brands Apple and Samsung launch new smartphone models once in a while, people go crazy to get the latest model in their hands. Before they start running after the new models, they prefer to return their hardly used phones to the manufacturers. This is another situation when the returned phones are treated as refurbished phones. 

Why should you consider buying a refurbished phone?

Now, comes the main question that you are constantly wondering about. Well, there are many reasons why you should consider buying a refurbished phone. However, the most important reason for considering buying a refurbished phone is its cheap price. Well, as you know these phones are pre-used, they are considered second-hand products, and therefore, they are offered at a discounted price. If you don’t believe it, just compare the price of a new phone and a refurbished one of the same model, like say a refurbished Samsung S20 and a new Samsung S20 phone. 

Also, just because of the fact that they are pre-owned and could have been returned because of faults in them, that does not mean you can think of getting them. When the manufacturer or reseller is selling refurbished phones, they are doing that after making sure that the phones are free from faults. They will make the refurbished phones undergo a number of tests and it has been made sure the phones are absolutely in their working conditions. 

What things to remember while buying a refurbished phone?

Whether you are planning to buy your refurbished phone from an offline store or an online one, you should not forget to check the warranty period offered with it. Usually, you will find that the manufacturers or retailers are offering a warranty of 12 months with the refurbished phone. However, oftentimes, you will find that online or offline stores offer refurbished phones with no warranty period. No matter how great the deal is, you must keep in mind that you should get the refurbished phone from sellers who do not offer a warranty. After all, they are offering a great deal because they do not guarantee that the refurbished phones are good, without any faults, and want to get rid of phones as early as possible. So, you have to be really careful while getting a refurbished phone. 

Do you remember what you do while buying a new gadget? You check all the documents, right? You have to do the same thing while buying a refurbished phone. You have to go through all the documents thoroughly that are provided along with the refurbished phone you are getting. Other than that, you have to make sure to read the fine prints which actually contain the hidden terms and conditions like you can’t claim the warranty if you have broken the phone or dropped in water, etc. In other words, just make sure that you verify everything before you make the final payment during the purchase. 

Moreover, you don’t judge the performance of the phone just by looking at its outer appearance. Since the refurbished phones are pre-owned, they might have some external dents or scratches. However, their low costs nullify all the external flaws they might have in them 

Over to you

Hopefully, now, you will have understood why people are planning to get refurbished phones, instead of new phones. So, when you plan to buy a phone the next time, think about getting a refurbished Samsung S20 or refurbished iPhone 9. You can easily find one on the internet with a warranty and a great deal.


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