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Promotional Lanyards Bring Those Long-Term Marketing Benefits You Need

Without an efficient marketing plan, it is nearly hard to differentiate your company in today’s market. Companies are having difficulty making their brand noticed. Unfortunately, not every company can afford to spend millions on advertising. However, printed lanyards promise to raise brand exposure at a tenth of the expense of traditional marketing programmes. 

Lanyards are commonly thought of as a basic string that hangs around their necks with a name tag affixed to it. While this is one of the most prevalent applications for lanyards, it is by far the least successful in terms of advertising. Lanyards, in fact, are significant accessories that may give limitless marketing chances if used correctly. So, let’s look at some of the advantages of branded lanyards in Australia and how you can utilise them to raise brand recognition.

Cost Effective Promotion

Businesses are likely to cut back on expenditure or search for more cost-effective solutions in areas such as marketing and promotion. Lanyards have always been a simple and low-cost method to promote a brand or organisation or to support a marketing campaign, and with businesses cutting back on costly marketing expenditures, we should expect to see an increase in the usage of lanyards as a promotional tool. 

One of the most significant advantages of lanyards is the ability to personalise them. Lanyards, despite their tiny width, may be personalised with text, logos, and patterns. This makes them great for companies trying to get their name out there, and it also means that they perform phenomenally well as promotional presents to potential customers or clients, or simply as cost-effective advertising when worn by your staff. They are more likely to be worn if they serve a purpose, such as an identity holder because they are such a flexible item.


Lanyard customisation is heavily influenced by design trends. Lanyard design in 2023 will likely reflect the year’s most popular design styles. Brighter and bolder fonts and colours are a new style, with clean lines and geometric designs to boost engagement. Neon lights are set to make a major comeback; think 90s throwback! This will also influence how brands perceive visuals and trademarks.

 With 2023 trends aiming to assist companies in appealing to a broader target audience, being able to customise a lanyard with your own design may be a simple method to reinvent your brand and offer quick exposure without breaking the budget.

Easy Customisation

Custom lanyards may be rapidly manufactured by manufacturers who specialise in their production if you need them for a last-minute event that your company has chosen to participate in or host. Unlike other types of marketing and promotional materials, promotional lanyards do not require weeks or months of lead time to be made and delivered to you.

Lanyards may be customised by selecting the colour, attachment, length, and width. You must also write the slogan or message you want on these lanyards in writing. After you’ve made these choices, your chosen manufacturer like Simply Merchandise will simply need to put everything together, which they can accomplish in less than a week. This means you can get your promotional lanyards in that short amount of time.

Lanyards are ideal for marketing and promotional purposes because of their versatility, simplicity, and speed in which they may be individually manufactured for your specific needs. These are also far less expensive than other means of advertising and marketing. You not only succeed in raising awareness of your company, but you also do it without exceeding your advertising budget. You also have a practical tool that everyone can use, which is ideal for brand recognition and promotion, so start your shopping now, and get on the lanyard wave for 2023.

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