Productivity before and after purchase, the new Huawei MatePad Pro review

Productivity before and after purchase, the new Huawei MatePad Pro review
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On June 2, 2021, Huawei released HarmonyOS 2, along with Huawei’s flagship tablet PC, the new generation Huawei MatePad Pro, which is equipped with HarmonyOS for the first time . With the birth of this tablet, there are two accessories: the second-generation M-Pencil and the smart magnetic keyboard. In this review, we will take everyone to experience the unique charm of the new Huawei MatePad Pro.

01 Modeling and configuration: Arm yourself with “productivity”

“Buy before productivity, buy love Fantastic Art ,” which is almost every consumer will want to buy a flat in line to see the words. Indeed, the size of traditional tablet computers is much smaller than that of computers, and there is no thoughtful adaptation to peripheral products such as keyboards, and it does not have any substantial productivity. Instead, it is more inclined to video entertainment.

 Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch

But the new Huawei MatePad Pro is different. The size and style of this tablet are very “Pro”. It clearly tells everyone that it does have a certain productivity value, especially when it is equipped with the second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus. And after the smart magnetic keyboard (additional purchase required).

 The second generation HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus and smart magnetic keyboard

The first is the 12.6-inch 2K resolution OLED display. The size has surpassed some Windows-platform 2-in-1 laptops. It is not far from the 13-inch golden size of mobile office notebooks.

 OLED screen color accuracy is very good

Next, let’s talk about the screen itself. The OLED material is rare in traditional notebooks. It can bring excellent contrast and pure black display to Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch. However, the biggest highlight of this flat screen is not the large-size OLED, but the strict factory color calibration. Delta E<0.5 means extremely high color accuracy. With the 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, the new Huawei MatePad Pro is not only used for typing and writing tables, but also provides a reliable visual basis for content creators.

Without a keyboard, Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch has the thinnest thickness of 6.7 mm and the lightest weight of 609 grams. Different material versions will have subtle differences (paint or plain leather), but in general it is still closer to the screen size of the laptop. Much lighter and thinner.

 Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch

The middle frames (short sides) on the left and right sides of the tablet are full of speaker openings. A total of 8 speakers have sufficient volume and a good surround feeling. The audio-visual entertainment is very refreshing.

 Part of eight speakers

With the three microphones on the upper side of the middle frame that support global AI noise reduction, and the front camera on the screen, the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch video conference effect is also guaranteed. In addition, this tablet supports Wi-Fi 6+ and 5G. Under normal circumstances, users do not have to worry about affecting network quality.


 The three holes on the left are microphones

In addition, the back of the fuselage also has a three-shot combination of 13 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra-wide-angle + 3D deep iTOF camera. Scanning documents or even taking photos can be achieved.

 Supports 3D depth and ultra-wide-angle rear three cameras

02 HarmonyOS 2: How is the new operating system experience? 

The specifications of the hardware itself are already very high, but we believe that the attention of HarmonyOS 2 is no less than that of the hardware itself. Through the test, we can summarize this Huawei self-developed operating system in one sentence: a new ecosystem that allows Android & iOS users to quickly get started.

HarmonyOS 2 does not create a barrier for consumers, and users who are slightly familiar with contemporary smartphones and tablet computers can quickly get started. As an intuitive example, the Huawei service data that everyone used on EMUI devices in the past will be synchronized on HarmonyOS devices, and the usage of various functions is the same.

 No threshold to get started

However, HarmonyOS 2 also has a lot of new features, the most obvious of which is the new “Productivity Desktop”. Regardless of whether it is in landscape or portrait mode, there will be a “bottom application bar” at the bottom of the screen. The application bar has two parts. The first part is a custom APP list, and the second part on the right is the recently opened APP, which is the APP “History”, which allows you to quickly switch to the APP that you have been using recently.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS and Amazon NHS Promo Code

 The bottom application bar of the Productivity Desktop

A new way of interaction has also appeared on the desktop: “Universal Cards”. Swipe up the APP icon, and we can directly integrate the special APP interface into the home screen. At this time, we can perform many operations without opening the APP.

 A universal card that does not need to enter the APP but can realize some APP functions

Not only tablets, but other devices equipped with HarmonyOS also have the same functions and support the sharing of cards between different devices. Currently, the universal card supports some of its own and third-party apps. Huawei will open the universal card interface in the future. So everyone can look forward to more versatile cards with different functions. Show now with AO discount code and Ao nhs discount code

 More universal cards

Then there is the new drop-down bar. Pull down from the top left of the screen is the notification bar, and pull down from the right is the status bar. The status bar basically retains the operating logic familiar to users, but has re-arranged the functions to improve the operating efficiency.

 New status bar for connected devices will be displayed

The status bar of HarmonyOS is divided into three parts: broadcast control center, shortcut switch and hyper terminal. The broadcast control center will provide fast music control, including the switching of sound equipment (main body, earphones, speakers, etc.).

 Status bar control music

The shortcut switch is a familiar shortcut function button, but the commonly used Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are amplified and equipped with a quick drop-down floating window.

 Quickly set up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the status bar

Still on the desktop, if you connect a Bluetooth mouse and move the spherical cursor to the APP icon, there will be a special light effect. After opening an APP but switching to other screens, you can still hold the cursor on the APP icon to preview, which is similar to the function of previewing the opened APP interface in the taskbar on a Windows computer.

 Bluetooth mouse has “PC” adaptation in HarmonyOS

Speaking of the optimization of large-screen tasks, the smart multi-windows, floating balls and parallel horizons previously on EMUI have all come to HarmonyOS. Smart multi-window allows users to multitask with floating windows, split screens, full screens, and mixed displays. The 12.6-inch screen size makes multitasking easier than ever.

 Floating window

 Floating window to switch full screen

 Floating window, full screen, split screen multi-task switching

The suspended window that is not used temporarily can be quickly retracted into the suspended ball. In addition to closing the apps in the floating ball one by one, we can also directly drag the floating ball to the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen to close multiple apps with one click.

 Suspended window size modification and suspended ball

 Move and delete floating balls

Then it is to help the single APP make better use of the parallel vision of the large flat screen.

 Parallel horizon setting interface

Among the supported APPs, Parallel Vision allows the tablet to display two interfaces of an APP at the same time in the horizontal screen state. The two interfaces can be in a subordinate relationship. For example, if you click an option on the left, a new page pops up on the right, and then click an option on the new page on the right. The left side becomes the original right page, and the right side is the latest interface.

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 Display a parallel view of the upper and lower menus of an APP

These two interfaces can also be the relationship between the homepage and paging (some APP support), even if you click on the new page on the right, the APP homepage is always displayed on the left, and only the right will continue to update the content.

 Home page on the left, new content on the right

The third mode of Parallel Vision has a higher degree of freedom, which is basically equivalent to opening two APPs at the same time. After clicking the “paperclip” button at the top of the screen, the left and right parts become independent interfaces. It is possible to browse two product details in one APP at the same time, or to watch two videos in one APP at the same time.

Click the top paper clip in the middle to switch the parallel view mode

 Watch two videos at the same time

 Compare two products

In short, HarmonyOS retains the excellent interaction and high ease of use of Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets in the past, and then adds new features and the ecological framework of HarmonyOS. However, for the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch, which is naturally suitable for use with productivity peripherals, these are not all.

03 Productivity: accessories + multi-screen collaboration

The key factors that make computers become mainstream productivity devices are keyboards and mice, which allow users to achieve fine operations that are difficult to achieve with small touch screens and fingers. On the new Huawei MatePad Pro, officially launched two accessories that change this situation: the second-generation M-Pencil and the smart magnetic keyboard.

 The second generation M-Pencil and smart magnetic keyboard

Through these two peripherals, we can globally implement shortcut operations that cannot be done by fingers, such as global voice support for multiple languages ​​and dialects, and global handwriting.

 Use the smart magnetic keyboard to exhale at any time

As a product mainly for professional elites and content creators, APP ecology is also very important. Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch needs to allow users to complete work naturally and efficiently on the tablet, and use the advantages of tablet touch on this basis to achieve Things that computers can’t do.

The first is the most basic document editing. Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch has built-in WPS . Combining keyboard, touch and M-Pencil annotations, we can quickly edit all kinds of documents. Moreover, when faced with that kind of long-form Word document , we can directly display it on the vertical screen, and see more content on one page, which is more convenient than a computer.

 WPS touch adaptation

 WPS HUAWEI M-Pencil adaptation

In the app store, we can find a special “stylus application zone”, which is currently available for drawing and note-taking apps for Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch, whether it is content creation, PDF annotations, or even CAD drawings Editing can become easier with M-Pencil’s 4096-level active pressure sensitivity and ultra-low latency as low as 9 mm.

 Stylus application area

 Supports 4096 levels of active pressure sensitivity and pen tip side peak effect

There are two functions worthy of everyone’s attention. One is the automatic standardization of pen graphics. After drawing a graphic without raising the pen and waiting for 2 to 3 seconds, the twisted and crooked graphic can be standardized.

 Easily draw standard graphics without rulers and compasses

We can use this function to draw a table directly with M-Pencil, add the number of rows and columns of the table, and greatly improve the efficiency of note editing.

 Smart forms: draw neat forms by hand

 Smart table: size scaling

 Smart table: hand-painted editing of the number of rows and columns

When writing in the table, the grid size will also automatically change according to the font.

 Smart table: grid size automatically adapts

Of course, whether it is handwriting or canvas zooming, the tablet runs very smoothly, thanks to the performance guarantee given by the Kirin 9000 SoC.

 Kirin 9000 ensures smooth performance in the creative process

The advantage of handwriting can also improve your work efficiency on traditional laptops. Through the multi-screen collaborative mirroring mode, we can copy the screen of Huawei laptop to Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 inches, and then directly use M-Pencil to operate. The electronic document signature problem that you often encounter is solved.

 Mirror mode: Let the tablet become the “digital tablet” of the notebook

The pairing of Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch and Huawei notebook is very simple. After turning on Bluetooth, it can be easily paired through the “Huawei Computer Manager ” in the PC .

 Huawei MatePad Pro paired with Huawei notebook

In addition to “mirroring”, there are two modes of “extended” and “shared” in multi-screen collaboration with PCs. “Expansion” is the same as the multi-display expansion of traditional computers. It can turn Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch into a wireless external display.

 Expansion mode: the tablet turns into a second screen

“Share” mode supports dragging and dropping files between Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 inches and the computer, which is very convenient to transfer files.

 Sharing mode: transfer files between computer and tablet by dragging and dropping

With the support of M-Pencil, physical keyboard, multi-screen collaboration, and 5G, the “productivity” of the new Huawei MatePad Pro is by no means an empty slogan.

04 Huawei MatePad Pro is just the beginning

Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch is an undoubtedly flagship tablet product. With the cooperation of M-Pencil and smart magnetic keyboard, it is also fully in line with its own productivity positioning for professional elites and content creators. However, Huawei’s flagship product does the hardware as it should, and it is HarmonyOS that really makes the outside world uncertain.

It is not difficult to see that ecology and user acceptance are very important from the past “forward and subsequent” challenges to Android and iOS operating systems. If HarmonyOS is to be successful, it needs to not only embrace multiple platforms, but also not allow users to have a sense of “fragmentation”. Users who are accustomed to Android and iOS must use HarmonyOS directly and smoothly use the apps they are familiar with on other platforms.

The general direction of multi-platform interconnection is determined, and special functions are added in the case of a “non-sense” transition for users, and then with high-quality hardware, HarmonyOS will have the opportunity to take off. Judging from the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch this time, HarmonyOS is undoubtedly on the right path.


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