Plastic Cards vs Paper Cards: Which one is the ultimate choice?

Plastic Cards vs Paper Cards: Which one is the ultimate choice?

For the making of different types of cards which are used heavily for various marketing, corporate purposes, companies rely on two materials. It is either paper or plastic.

While paper is commonly used for the manufacturing of business cards, postcards and other tools of marketing, advertising, business. Plastic is another material that is used side by side for the production of these items. In fact, plastic cards are as popular as paper cards.

However, when it comes to choosing the material for the making of cards, which one is a better choice. Both the materials are pretty popular and offer certain perks.

If you are in a dilemma over your choice between paper and plastic then we are here to help you out. Continue to read till the end to learn which one is the ultimate choice and why.


There are a wide number of cards that are made and used for serving different purposes. Paper is an ideal choice of material for the making of a variety of cards such as business cards, menu cards, etc, however they are limited to a certain extent when it comes to manoeuvrability.

Paper cannot be used for the manufacturing of cards such as credit cards, hotel key cards and id card holders etc. Whereas, plastic is a highly versatile material and can be easily manoeuvred to any shape and size.

You can conveniently use them for the manufacturing of credit cards, business cards, hotel key cards or any other type of cards. The same cannot be said for paper as it has certain limitations.

Custom Design Print

Companies use custom design printing on cards for making them personalized and branded. While both the materials – paper and plastic are perfect for including customized design print on them, plastic is a slightly better choice.

Although paper can support custom design print, sometimes, the print may leak ink if the paper comes in contact with water. Whereas plastics are basically waterproof, which gives them the capacity to prevent any ink leaks.

The custom design print on plastic material remains intact giving customers highly result-oriented products.


The price of both the materials depends on the type that you are going for. Paper materials have varied types and prices for each type varies. The same can be said for plastic material as well.

However, looking at the overall production, it can be observed that plastic costs less than paper. Since plastic is so versatile and easy to manoeuvre, the production effort is less than paper.

Therefore, making them cheaper than paper material. Also, you can go for different types of plastic in order to fit your budget as each type costs differently.

Consult an expert and make sure to ask for a quote before you place an order. You don’t want to splurge a lot on the products and go out of your budget.


Lastly, among the two of the materials – plastic and paper, which one is the more durable? The durability of the product you choose to manufacture heavily depends on the material you choose.

Paper can be fragile and more prone to get torn or damaged compared to plastic. Plastic is resistant to water and has varying thickness that makes it more durable than paper.

Whereas paper does not give much longevity and cards may get damaged too soon. However, for short-term usage such as wedding cards or event access cards, paper can be an ideal choice.

Bottom Line

The choice between paper and plastic cards can be confusing as each material has some perks of its own. However, looking at the overall advantages offered by both the materials, it can be rightly said that plastic is the ultimate choice for the making of cards.

Companies can benefit a lot if they choose plastic over paper for the production of different types of cards. However, make sure to have a conversation with an expert before deciding on the material.


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