pikashow apk -- download
pikashow apk -- download

PikaShow APK — Download for Android & iOS v82 Latest Version Free 2023

What is PikaShow?

PikaShow APK is a compelling live TV application designed for Android users. While using it, users can use various applications that use video. Many people spend a lot of time with their phones nowadays and prefer everything to be accomplished with their hands and with no movement. There isn’t much time to watch TV and television shows, but they do watch.

If you’re searching for the most effective Android application to stream live cricket on Android, it is an enormous platform that has brought Live TV and other entertainment shows. Here is the Pikashow, the latest version of 2023, at no charge for Android devices. Just click on the download link and download it at no cost APK file.

This application has changed the lives of the younger generation in the same way it was transformed through digitization. In the modern world of speed, people don’t want to stand at the TV for hours to watch TV shows, sports, shows of one’s preference, music and drama serials, or another kind of entertainment programs; instead, we are all humans, and it’s human nature. Download the latest version of Android for free. Android tablets and smartphones.

What is the Latest Versio of PikaShow APK in 2023?

The app has been scored 4.5 out of five stars. latest version v10.8.2 for Android and watch live TV, web series & movies for free The app is a live app specifically designed to broadcast live television and radio programs on the tiny screen of the smartphone. The application is famous for its live broadcasts that are cast on time.

Many leaders are well-known in the marketplace, but one of the most prominent competitors, Pikashow, is making its path in the market. A large number of users are using Pikashow. Numerous applications use similar technology, but some users seem to be opting out of these.

The application appears to be based on IPTV. IPTV technological system. This technology is among the most current on the market. This cutting-edge technology lets you directly capture TV signals and stream now onto any device’s screen.

Pikashow is a fantastic app that will not disappoint you. Every content resource is updated with the most recent content from a handful of reliable sources. If you are interested in knowing all the details about this incredible application, keep reading this article to the end as we’re going to take it all in. Let’s learn more about it the whole story of Pikashow.

In this day and age, every person has a mobile phone on their fingers. Therefore, for mobile phone users, it’s possible to be in front of the TV for long periods to watch films and another entertainment programming. So they’ve created an incredible application that allows mobile viewers to stream their preferred content ( movies, dramas, cricket, and so on) via their mobile devices. If you are also an addiction to films, entertainment, and unending fun today, you’re at the right spot. We have a detailed review of a fantastic program called Pikashow. It is awe-inspiring and offers endless fun.

Piksahow Screenshots

A vast selection of TV shows has been observed through the application. It’s a multitasking program that can receive radio and TV signals simultaneously. Both signs are working 100.

What Are the Key Features of Pikashow?

It’s got many unique features you’ve never seen before. You’ll be stunned by how it will astonish you. We’ll give you the list of its parts in this article since we have promised to go over everything. This isn’t a comprehensive list of the things that make this app so incredible, but a few of the beautiful aspects make it well-known. You’ll discover other interesting parts when you try this app on your own. Let’s get started. The program has numerous options that set it apart from its competitors, which are described below.

Catch the Most Recent Bollywood Movies

The live streaming service of the most recent Bollywood Movies is available in this great app. The most recent Bollywood films are now accessible in HD for streaming at no cost and download. The movies are free and can be watched without cost. This is not just for web series but also web series. Pikashow Live TV streaming service lets you watch live TV in various languages.

Multi-National Channels

The app combines channels from across the world. A wide variety of international channels are streaming live within the app. The media are offered with high-quality resolution and play all live.

Live Radio

The application comes preloaded to include the current radio broadcasting system, as well as TV channels that are on air. Radio shows are broadcast across the globe without interruption, and it entirely depends on the strength of the signal from the Internet.


The application works with all Android devices and is compatible with tablets or smartphones. The application runs smoothly and without lag on all kinds of Android devices, and the performance does not vary on Android devices.


There’s a vast selection of live channels in real-time on Pikashow TV. The number of channels that can be viewed through the app is around 600 from both international and national networks, making it an excellent choice for users.

User-friendly UI (User Interface)

This is an excellent application that is simple to use compared to other contenders. It is a simple and user-friendly interface, and it assists users in finding the appropriate channels according to their requirements.

Free to Use

The application is an entirely free Android application that is available for tablets and smartphones running on Android. No in-app purchases are required to be made to have channels on air.

High-Quality Streaming

Pikashow is very purposefully constructed. It can offer the user the highest quality streaming according to the broadband connection’s strength. The application will automatically alter the video quality based on the internet connection’s power.

User Support

The program comes with a fast customer support system that is quick to respond. Suppose users experience any issue, whether technical or nontechnical issue. Users can contact the customer support team, and the solution will be given within minutes.

Multiple Streaming Sites

The application displays several streaming options. When one of the links is unavailable or not responding, the user is in complete control over choosing the second website to stream from. The user will never be notified.

Age Focused

The app is constructed to decide what kind of content should be displayed to the user based on the user’s age. Cartoons are a section for children who are not yet, and many teenagers watch their favorite cartoons.


The application is well-categorized, and the content segments are divided into sections and separated into their area. The categorize section of Pikashow can be further expanded to include the channels users can access by logging in to it.


The software is up-to-date with time and when changes occur to the software of the system or the frequency of the channel. All changes are kept under strict surveillance to ensure that the user is receiving the most efficient outcomes that can be achieved.

Lightweight App

Its size APK file is tiny, and it doesn’t require much space on the phone’s memory to install. The most space needed for the app is MBs, implying that it is not a weighty application is pikashow app safe.

High-Quality Videos

There are many excellent videos on Pikashow. Pikashow App. The quality of the video is essential most when you are watching a film. the good thing is that it provides a variety of options in terms of video quality for viewers interested in the subject and their internet connectivity. This means that you’ll be able to choose from various quality video options that are automatically adjusted according to the internet connection.

Last Words

The most appealing feature is the age limit for adult content. It is not the assurance that there is no adult content on the app. All you need is a decent Internet connection to enjoy the streaming.

I’m sure that all questions and doubts regarding this application are resolved. There’s no need to be contemplating the application after reading all the mentioned articles. The Pikashow is extremely enjoyable, user-friendly, simple, and efficient. It is estimated that a significant amount of time could be saved using this.

Now, create a large circle of friends by using a reputable application. Also, make sure to rate the app according to your own experiences. Thank you for stopping by, and don’t forget to visit our site for additional Android Games and APK files.

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