personal injury attorney huntington beach

personal injury attorney huntington beach

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Resources

Personal Injury Attorney Huntington Beach in USA, Our firm, Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers, APC, APC, assists California clients who are injured by a personal accident caused by other people’s negligence. Our main office is in Los Angeles; we represent clients throughout Los Angeles, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley. We also have satellite offices that assist clients from other areas of the state too. In many personal injury cases, our role is advocacy and education. Our clients are usually not familiar with the legal system and the way the case will be dealt with, what they can expect to happen during the case, and what outcomes they can reasonably expect. To assist our clients with their cases, we provide these links to sources that can be useful in getting a better understanding of your case New York Injury Lawyers in 2023. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable legal team will assist you with any other concerns you have not covered in these sources Personal Injury Attorneys in the United States:

Our Practice Areas of the Firm include the following:

  • Los Angeles Car Accident Claims The link will take you to our firm’s automobile accident area of practice page detailing how we can help injured motorists to receive compensation after an auto crash within Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Claim Bicyclists injured in Los Angeles need experienced and enthusiastic legal representation.
  • Los California Motorcycle Injury Claims Our company assists motorcyclists in obtaining compensation for injuries sustained in their motorcycle crashes.
  • Los Angeles Auto V. Claims for Pedestrian Accidents Assistance for pedestrians injured and struck or the families of those killed by negligent motorists.
  • Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accidents Help victims who have been injured while in commercial or residential properties due to hazardous conditions, resulting in the victim slipping, trip, falling, or any other type of calamity.
  • Los Angeles Sexual Assault and Abuse Claimants Assistance in filing civil lawsuits for financial compensation in the case of victims who have suffered sexual abuse or assault.

Associations for Bar Associations

  • American Bar Association: With more than 400 000 members and over 3,500 entities, The ABA is dedicated to improving the legal profession and advancing legal rule in the United States and around the globe Personal Injury Law Firm.
  • State Bar of California serves as an extension California Supreme Court State Bar California helps attorneys in their work and assists citizens who have complaints against lawyers.

Nationwide Organizations Promoting Civil Justice Issues

  • American Association for Civil Justice: Trial lawyers strive to increase the fairness and efficiency within the U.S. justice system and assist other lawyers representing clients against influential individuals and interests.
  • Take Justice Back An grassroots organization looking to increase accessibility to justice for all Americans and restore accountability.
  • Let America Be Aware A grassroots group fighting for reform of tort efforts.

California Organizations Supporting Civil Justice

  • Consumer Attorneys of California, The professional association of lawyers representing customers injured or harmed by other people.
  • Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles: Professional group of local plaintiffs’ lawyers representing people injured or harmed by other businesses or corporations.
  • Orange County, CA Trial Lawyers Association The professional organization of trial lawyers within Orange County seeks to improve the civil justice system and legal procedures.
  • Consumer Attorneys of San Diego: Trial attorneys in the San Diego area represent injured plaintiffs and work towards an equitable and fair justice system.

Legal forms for free as well as Lawful Research Aids

  • California Courts – Judicial Branch: Online Self-Help Center Online assistance centre managed by Judicial Branch of California containing information and articles on many legal issues

Information that is designed for Homeless Persons located in California

  • California Homeless Resources The following list is online of county-specific resources available to help homeless people in California.

City of Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Almanac Information and stats regarding Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles.
  • California Highway Patrol Information about traffic crashes and other incidents, as maintained through the California Highway Patrol.

Personal Injury Lawyers within the Other States


  • Drake Injury Attorneys Legal counsel for accident or injury lawyers located within Birmingham, AL.


  • Dolman Law Group: Clearwater personal injury law and car lawyer firm.
  • Tina Willis Law: Orlando’s accident, injury, as well as slip and fall attorney.


  • Robbins & Associates, P.C. The firm offers personal injury and workers compensation lawyers in Atlanta, GA.

Illinois (including Chicago)

  • Rosenfeld Attorneys for Injury: Chicago law firm representing victims of personal injury.
  • Abels & Annes P.C. Accident lawyers throughout Illinois in Illinois and Arizona.


  • Law Offices of William Hurst: Indianapolis personal injury lawyer. Named Super Lawyer since 2004.

Maryland (including Baltimore), Virginia, and the District of Columbia

  • Miller & Zois: Baltimore personal injury lawyers concentrate on severe injuries and wrongful death cases.


  • The Lapin Law Offices Law Offices of Lapin: Injury lawyers, accident and disability who are located in Lincoln, NE

North Carolina

  • The Bishop Law Firm Social Security disability benefits lawyers with a base in Raleigh, NC


  • The Levin Firm: Philadelphia law firm that represents auto accident and personal injury plaintiffs within Pennsylvania and New Jersey state and federal courts.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts

  • Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates, Inc.: Rhode Island personal injury law firm serving clients since 1932.

South Carolina

  • Funeral and Nelson: Charleston, South Carolina law firm providing representation in criminal defence and Personal injury lawsuits.

West Virginia

  • Robinette Legal Group, PLLC: Personal injury lawyers located within Morgantown, WV.

Additional Resources

  • Ehline Law Law: Cruise ship accidents lawyers.
  • Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. Online service that provides customized corporate kits Kits for LLCs corporate supplies and planners for estate plans.
  • Law Blogs about legal issues and other news.
  • The Attorney Home Directory of Attorneys includes articles as well as news.
  • Online searchable database of California businesses.
  • is an extensive database of lawyers and law firms, sorted by practice region and the state.

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