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Networking Services: Top 6 SD-WAN Vendors 2021

SD-WAN vendor’s analysis. This is a list of our favorite picks, without any particular order. 

  • Aryaka 

Aryaka offers a cloud-first approach to WAN that it refers to as a completely managed service. An SD-WAN platform with SASE is used to coordinate networking and security (i.e., a blend of these technologies). SDCI (Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect) is a software-defined cloud networking approach that integrates network connectivity, optimization, and multi-cloud access. 

Key Differentiators 

Managed service provides all the capabilities ventures need for WAN and digital transformation – network availability, security, location-based multi-cloud access, network and application optimization, and cloud-based perceptibility and management. 

By integrating branch office/headquarters and telecommuter network availability, SASE functionality, and advanced optimization, services POP-based architecture empowers a rich set of capabilities at the cloud edge, including support for hybrid work environments.

The fiber-over-layer-2 architecture used by the center mile means issues with ISP peering cannot occur, and therefore better performance is guaranteed. 

By relying on technology from a single vendor, telcos and traditional managed service providers (MSPs) do not have to support and service technology from various SD-WAN vendors

Managed services that integrate NaaS and NSaaS (Network Security as a Service) conform to the SASE definition.

  • Citrix 

The SD-WAN experience from Citrix helps workers access resources in a high-performance way. With it, you can add more performance to your applications and automate network availability no matter where you are. In Citrix Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, it is the central networking component that can be applied either on-premise or in the cloud, depending on the security requirements. 

Key Differentiators 

Using Citrix SD-WAN with Citrix Workspace facilitates performance improvements.

This solution speeds up troubleshooting by enabling visibility into Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (HDX) traffic, as well as reporting for sites, meetings, and clients. 

It enables organizations to move rapidly to a multi-cloud environment by making use of automated deployments in the cloud and network route learning. 

Provides security, SD-WAN, and unified policy management.

Networking and security are managed by a single point of control that is hosted in the cloud for multi-tenant users. 

Enables cloud, SaaS, and virtual applications to failover within one second over any network (4G LTE, MPLS, Internet).

  • Versa 

A Versa SD-WAN solution implements advanced routing and security capabilities to enable a SASE architecture (full stack security, authentic multi-tenancy). This provides visibility into the traffic that navigates the network between clients, applications, and gadgets regardless of location. Network, security, visibility, automation, and performance features are all incorporated into the architecture. 

Key Differentiators 

The Versa SD-WAN solution enables secure and application-relevant single-pass architecture without the need for service chaining or API integrations by using just a single software image and a single administrative portal. 

Provides companies with the means to defeat the challenges of on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. 

From the Versa platform, there are local network and security services available. 

An integrated screen for managing vulnerabilities, gaps, and issues with networking and security. 

Multi-tenancy, comprehensive routing, integrated security, and analytics in one solution.

Easily visualizing and configuring centrally.

  • Algoblu 

By using Algoblu’s Network Element Virtualization (NEV) solution, you can increase bandwidth productivity, improve network security, access multiple clouds, and simplify network provisioning and troubleshooting. In the seven-layer OSI model, Layer 1 and Layer 2 are adjacent to each other. The FPGA-based chip allows it to virtualize the fundamental network resources (for example, fiber ports) into 100,000 individual atomic channels. Depending on resource needs, the scheduler and orchestrator allocate a specific number of atomic channels to form the sIF (Service Interface). With the sIF, SLAs can be guaranteed for a particular application. By creating a specialized chip, NEV implements the whole protocol. This ensures high productivity. 

Key Differentiators 

By using NEV, transporters can offer multi-level services to fulfill clients’ customized requirements with guaranteed QoS without affecting the existing network infrastructure. 

Multi-level environments are supported. 

There are multiple, isolated and protected parts to basic carrier networks. 

Sliced networks have free resources, QoS guarantees, and traffic is completely isolated. 

Our network slicing service allows clients to create private layers 2 or 3 networks that serve specific applications, in particular, enterprise multisite networks, private networks of supply chain network partners, secure surveillance networks, and video conferencing networks. 

The service offers severe SLAs and a guarantee of the quality of service.

  • Silver Peak 

A centralized SD-WAN solution is Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect. Using it, you can define hierarchical business policies and not bottom-up technological constraints that control how applications perform, secure, and route network traffic. Its architectural model uses virtual WAN overlays for each class of applications, based on the business requirements (business intent overlays). 

Key Differentiators 

Overlays and their related policies are defined in Unity Orchestrator, and configurations are pushed to all sites on the network. 

Applications are automatically routed based on predetermined parameters in traffic handling. 

Maintains nonstop compliance to application QoS and security requirements by constantly monitoring network conditions and adjusting traffic handling accordingly. 

A reliable and consistently accessible application performance, including voice and video, across any combination of transport services, including buyer broadband services. 

Through unified orchestration, changes are implemented more quickly, minimal errors are made, and troubleshooting is quicker as well. 

Automates real-time response, eliminating brownouts and power outages as consistent monitoring and analytics enable rapid responses to changing conditions. 

A robust internet breakout automates application definitions and IP address upgrades for 300 million web domains and thousands of SaaS apps every day. 

Combines SD-WAN, firewall, application visibility, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization, and security into one platform.

  • Fortinet 

With FortiGate SD-WAN, Fortinet delivers a quick, versatile, and adaptable SD-WAN solution. With a security-driven networking approach, it combines SD-WAN, next-generation firewall (NGFW), and advanced routing in one machine. 

Key Differentiators 

Establish reliable network and security policies. 

By using one OS, you can control your WAN as well as your security.

The SD-WAN administration console can control advanced routing, NGFW, and SD-WAN. 

Branch architecture can be improved with SD-WAN and integrated NAC, WLAN, LAN, and LTE/4G/5G. 

It can be used on thousands of websites. 

Access to the cloud, in the cloud, and between clouds. 

Orchestrating cloud on-ramps reduces the footprint and streamlines administration. 

A single point of management for deployments, configurations, and ongoing tasks with a unified view, analytics, and reporting.


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