My Husband Ascended as the Chosen One Spoilers

My Husband Ascended as the Chosen One Spoilers is a popular and well known series ( manga ) by Soeun. Soeun actually designed the web toon for this manga panel and the original story was written by a person called no5 in the manga world. The story of this manga is very good and the plot is very well written. It desrves more credit and fame than it gets. The story of this manga was written by G. Seasoning. This manga has a total of thirty chapters with some chapters having multiple parts within.

THE PLOT : My Husband Ascended as the Chosen One Spoilers

The story begins when the main character came home and was eating dinner with his wife when out of no where he started shouting that he has been chosen as the ascended one. His wife thought he has gone crazy or eaten a wild mushroom or something. When she asked what was he talking about, he mentioned that he almost caught a wolf at the farm today. His wife though what a lousy husband he is and wondered where did a catch a wolf at the farm in broad day light.

His My Husband Ascended as the Chosen One Spoilers mentions that he is the chosen one because he will enter the chosen one contest. His wife dared him not to go the capital for the contest but he refused to listen. At this point, she was really close to killing him.

At this moment, their son Brandon started crying because they were fighting. His wife proceeded to take care of Brandon and put him to sleep. So she orderd him to clean up the table as she is going to put Brandon to sleep.

But soon after she came back to the table. There was no one at the table. It was empty. There was a little not left at the table. The note said “I will be back when I am successful.”

3 years has been passed and still there’s no sign of Geroge – her husband. She hates her. Linda, an elderly woman, helps her to do some chores daily. When Linda advises her to go to the capital and look for her husband, she gives a look of hatred and says that she will not go because George is not a good husband. She belives she and her son Brandon can live happily with each other without Geroge.

One night all of a sudden, When little Brandon and his mother were returning home after running some errands, they see a man wearing a rich suit is standing outside of their house. Also, the man has come in a white horse. And you don’t get a white horse to ride unless you are a noble or super rich. She mysteriously walks towards the horse and the man to find out why are they standing in front of their house. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was George. Gerorge in a rich attire and carrying a horse worth more than their house.

What happens next? What did George do while he was gone and why has he returned after so long? The next chapters have all the answers you seek.

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