Manuel Green, Founder of Meg Health Care, announces new partnership with Princess Promise

Manuel Green is dedicated to helping at-risk youth through his newly announced partnership with the Princess Promise, a non-profit in McKinney, Texas.  Mr. Green is a Dallas attorney and the founder of MEG Healthcare, an industry leader in complex claims revenue cycle management.   Since 2011, Mr. Green and MEG Healthcare have focused on increasing much needed access to high quality healthcare for injury victims.   

In association with Princess Promise, Mr. Green has pledged to help build a Child Protection and Interim Care Center near Waterloo in Sierra Leone.  The project will create a safe haven for the most vulnerable members of the community, young girls seeking refuge from severe neglect and abuse.

“We expect that we will be able to help hundreds of girls in this endeavor and get them off the streets and into a safe environment where hopefully they can heal and grow.” Said Mr. Green.  “Even if we can save only one girl this entire project will have been worth it.”

Princess Promise has provided care and safety for vulnerable and orphaned girls in Sierra Leone since 2014. In partnership with the Sierra Leone government, they rescue and care for girls who are often survivors of trafficking, child marriage, and extreme neglect and abuse.

“When I visited Africa early this year and observed the terrible living conditions of children in Western Africa, I knew I wanted to act and I am thrilled to be partnering with Princess Promise on this very important project,” said Green. “It is imperative that these girls are given an opportunity to live a new life free from fear and desperation. With access to education, young girls can hope for a future that was once out of reach.  I am honored to be able to help make these life changing opportunities available to these most vulnerable members of the community in Sierra Leone.”

Green says, “I believe every child deserves to be loved and cared for so they can hope for their future. Princess Promise cares for vulnerable girls to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. I am committed to helping these children find the safety, hope and love they deserve.”

The land for the Child Protection and Interim Care Center was acquired last month. For more information on Princess Promise and their efforts in Sierra Leone, please visit their website at

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