Mailing campaigns: how to connect with your customers?

Mailing campaigns: how to connect with your customers?

Do you want to strengthen ties with your customers? so join our business branding consulting services.

Then this post is for you. Here I will show you the tips to connect with your customers effectively, through mailing campaigns.

Mailing or email marketing is a digital communication strategy that allows organizations to connect and interact with both current and potential clients.

And the best of all!

There are tools with which you can spread your mailing campaigns for free.

This way you will be able to establish fluid and effective communication that adds value to the goods or services that you offer in your business.

Pay attention to the knowledge pill that I have prepared for you:

  • What is email marketing or mailing?
  • How to connect with your clients with the mailing?
  • Steps to create an email marketing campaign.


Let’s get started …

What is email marketing or mailing?

It consists of sending emails to a contact directory made up of current clients or leads.

Email marketing is a communication channel that allows content and offers to be adapted to consumers or groups of clients with the same profile, in this way better results can be achieved when designing the mailing strategy and of course a higher return on investment.

The cornerstone of an email marketing strategy is segmentation.

Which is the reason?

Sending mass information is not effective, since possibly not all recipients will be interested in the message.

Note that…

One of the advantages of designing free mailing campaigns is that you can measure the results in real-time, unlike other marketing strategies.

How to connect with your clients with the mailing?

Through email marketing, you can send attractive and persuasive information to your customers or leads about the products and services you offer, promotions, news, as well as highlight the attributes of your brand.

The content of the message you want to convey is the most important attribute since it will make it possible for the receiver to identify with your business offer.

For this reason, to transmit a message that generates conversion of leads into buyers, you must “put yourself in the shoes of the customer” and anticipate their wishes and needs.

This is known as responsive mailing campaign design.

In this way, you will be able to position your products or services in the mind of the consumer, generating loyalty towards your value proposition.

How to know that a mailing campaign is effective?

By checking that the volume of your sales in the medium term have increased!

To do this, design creative, innovative messages that reflect the attributes of your business offer. In this way, you will exceed the consumer’s expectations and they will want to return to visit you.

A key aspect: generate an emotional and effective connection between the client and your brand! In other words “generates engagement”.

Steps to create an email marketing campaign

Before designing an email marketing strategy, you must select a tool to send the campaigns to your recipients.

Mailrelay is an option that allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month at no cost, and manage up to 3,000 contacts for free and without daily sending limits.

  1. Set the objectives and goals you want to achieve

In any mailing strategy, the objectives represent the route you must follow to achieve your goals.

To do this, the starting point is to ask yourself two questions: which target audience do you want to direct your campaign to, and what benefit do you want to obtain?

For example, if your goal is to publicize your value proposition according to the profile of your buyer persona, you should consider the following aspects when designing your campaign:

  • Identify the potential customers your product or service is targeting.
  • Consider the age range and tastes of your prospects.
  • Reveal how your value proposition can meet customer needs and increase their well-being.
  • Define the communication channels to connect with them.

However, if your goal is to strengthen ties with your client portfolio and gain their loyalty, you must be clear that interaction with consumers should not focus only on achieving a sale, as this will only be the beginning of a lasting relationship with the client.

Therefore, you should be interested in their needs, follow up on them, and give them the attention they deserve. Only then will you earn their trust and loyalty!

If this is the objective you are pursuing, some recommended strategies to design your mailing campaign are:

  • Focus your promotions and offers exclusively on subscribers.
  • Use promotional banners.
  • Generate exclusive content aimed at subscribers.
  • Spread in newsletters, tips, recommendations, or news of interest.

A valuable resource for disseminating information accurately, clearly, and engagingly is through videos.

  1. Segment your customer data

Use the information available from your contacts and separate them into groups according to their age, gender, profession, location.

In this way, you can design an effective mailing campaign aimed at the ideal audience.

Segmentation of your contacts is recommended since in this way the recipients of our emails will receive valuable information for them. Thus, you will optimize your efforts, time, and resources.

Also, I suggest that you do not over-send, as this can be annoying or divert prospects’ attention. For this reason, it is advisable to test and adjust to find an ideal balance.

  1. Create content that piques customer interest

When designing your mailing campaign, I suggest you create content with eye-catching designs, of course, adapted to your business sector and different customer profiles.

Additionally, the message to be transmitted must be of interest, so that it adds value to the customer.

Some recommendations are:

  • If possible, enter the name of the recipient of the message. This creates a feeling of trust and closeness with the client.
  • Put a striking subject in the email. This way you will be able to awaken the interest in the client to open the email.
  • Create messages capable of empathizing with the customer’s situation. In this way, you will transmit confidence.
  • Put your ideas into the message in a concrete way but without neglecting creativity. For example, use subtitles, bold and lists in the content, as well as infographics and images that attract the attention of the reader.
  • Incorporate experiences of other clients, news of interest, or the attributes that make your value proposition different and unique.
  • Say goodbye in a cordial way, this way you will strengthen ties with your clients or prospects.
  • Finally, do not forget to include information of interest about your company at the end of the email. I am referring to your tax address, the brand logo, the accounts of the different social networks, among others.
  1. Evaluation and monitoring of the mailing campaign

In this last step, we must determine the impact of the email marketing campaign. Some metrics that allow you to evaluate its level of effectiveness are:

The percentage of users who open your emails and the time spent in them. This constitutes an indicator of the interest and level of acceptance of the email marketing campaign.

Identify which links or images have received the most visits. In this way, you will discover the tools that have had the most impact and that have caused the most interaction on the part of the user.

Think that by monitoring all these aspects you will have valuable information to solve the failures and optimize the email marketing campaigns, especially if the results obtained did not exceed your expectations.


Mailing is a marketing strategy that allows valuable content to be disseminated to a large number of contacts. In this way, the products or services you sell will be made visible by a large market, increasing the chances of placing your offer in the hands of the ideal customer.

Keep in mind that the idea is to optimize the results of implemented strategies and apply the corrective measures to those that are underway.

In the post, you also learned about the existence of automated email marketing tools that you can use for free in the initial phases of your company, such as Mailrelay.

So, wait no more! Build ties with your prospects and connect with your customers with mailing campaigns!







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