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Luxury Bus vs Traditional Bus: Why Renting a Bus with SimplyTrip

Description:  Wanna know the difference between Luxury vs Traditional bus read the blog and Upgrade Your Bus Travel with SimplyTrip

Luxury Bus vs Traditional Bus: Why Renting a Bus with SimplyTrip is Worth the Upgrade

Buses have been a common mode of transport for decades. However, they are still not the first choice. The reason is that most travellers still carry the image of a traditional bus in their minds. 

A traditional bus has low-quality fittings, congested seats and limited luggage space. Moreover, it runs to only specific destinations at specific timings and you have to change buses in the middle of the journey. They are also quite crowded, especially in peak seasons. Most importantly, traditional bus companies provide poor customer service.

How about upgrading to a luxury bus in Mumbai? SimplyTrip offers luxury buses for a first-class travel experience. Unlike traditional buses which make you pray for the journey to get over soon, the luxury buses will make you wish for the journey to continue. 

Here are some reasons why you should opt for luxury buses for your next road trip.

Best-in-Class Features and Amenities

When you travel by a luxury bus, you can look forward to plush interiors, sophisticated amenities and a relaxing peaceful journey. Some of the features and amenities that will blow your mind away are:

Utmost Safety

SimplyTrip’s luxury buses are equipped with ABS and EBD mechanisms. These mechanisms enable the vehicle to withstand harsh road conditions, skidding and undulations without causing any discomfort to passengers. 

SimplyTrip also makes sure that the drivers have experience and proficiency in driving these luxury buses. They are also trained to handle medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns and other issues that may occur during your journey. They will ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time. 

Personal Travel Manager

Luxury buses not only provide physical comfort but also mental solace from all travel hassles. When you book a luxury bus with SimplyTrip, you get a personal travel manager. This person will be a single point of contact to meet all your needs from the start till the end of the journey. The manager can also carry out special requests such as welcome gifts, meal arrangements, water bottles, etc. You can leave all your worries to the manager and just focus on having a great time with your group members!

Flexible and Personalised Itinerary

Unlike traditional buses which require you to plan your travel schedule according to their timings, luxury buses allow you to be flexible on this aspect. You can decide the time, destination, sightseeing places and everything else about the journey. All you need to do is inform SimplyTrip about the itinerary in advance so that it can make pre-requisite arrangements if necessary.

Convenient Booking

Whether you are hiring a luxury bus, tempo traveller or mini bus in Mumbai from SimplyTrip, there is an easy and quick booking process. Call the customer service team directly or fill out an online form on the website to get a quote.

Luxury bus travel is a lifetime experience for road trips. If you haven’t travelled in it yet, it’s about time to do it!

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