Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

Live Streaming Tips and Tricks for Beginner in 2021

Creating a professional and engaging live stream can involve many moving parts (both literal and figurative), but when everything comes together, the payoff is massive. The competition for content creators is very fierce, and in this post, I’d like to share some helpful streaming tips and tricks to help you get ahead.

Pre-show configuration

The live streaming process begins with pre-show activities. Success relies on a rock-solid foundation. These set-up-related tips can help you stream worry-free. pre-show/setup guidelines

Don’t overcomplicate things. Equipment you install increases system complexity. Visit to buy the best live streaming equipment. If one of these parts fails, then your entire live show will fail! Using a basic configuration reduces the likelihood of technological mistakes.

Have backups of equipment ready

And with a simple configuration, the equipment is always at risk. Most encoders, such as Pearl-2, are very reliable, but smaller components, such as cables and monitors, do not always work well. Always be safe and keep backups of your gear wherever possible.

Ensure bandwidth capacity

Know the network to make sure you have consistent upload bandwidth, test your upload speed.

Live streams must have quality audio. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to test the acoustics, customize your audio encoding settings, and more.

Test your stream with a backup.

To verify your stream ahead of time, stream directly to a backup account. Set your notification settings to private in Facebook, for example. When your backup account is streaming, you can view your broadcast from the viewpoint of your audience.

Double-check automated publishing

Both Facebook Live and YouTube have options that automatically publish your stream when allowed. We need to set up a live show. Until now, we’ve discovered that this function doesn’t work 100% of the time. Make sure that the event times are right at all times. Instead of using the scheduling function, publish the stream manually instead.

Practice makes perfect, or at least simpler.

Searching for subject ideas? Don’t worry – content creation will get easier with time. The more you connect and engage with your audiences, the more acquainted you become with the subjects that engage them.

You are all ready to go.

Next? Time to step up your game and pose like a true veteran! Use these streaming tips to polish your live show’s professionalism.

Check your stream with an external monitor.

Assurance in the live stream is key to confident broadcasting. Extra displays let you see your live event through the eyes of your viewers. for example: Webcaster X2 helps you track your live stream, interact with your audience, and review comments.

Keep your eyes on the camera!

Reference monitors are good for trust monitoring. Many streamers position the reference monitor underneath the camera for easy access, but this placement encourages streamers to glance at the monitor beyond the required time. Make sure your gaze hits the camera lens before you fix your eyelines.

Answer comments live 

Use the comments when they are new! If you cannot respond live, respond at the end of the broadcast. Having interactive conversations with your audiences encourages audience participation and retention.

Be well-prepared before the broadcast. Planning for a quality live show will take longer than you’d expect! Be coordinated and mentally prepared to offer a top-notch live stream. Allow yourself extra pre-show preparation time to help alleviate stress and do your best

Avoid placeholders—begin work immediately.

Before we went live, we would use pre-roll placeholder photos to give ourselves some extra prep time. “We sometimes used an overlay that said “Stream will start soon!” When doing a Facebook Live broadcast, we discovered this pre-roll approach isn’t suitable because it prevents our live videos from being shown.

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