List of best RFID solution Providers for inventory management

List of best RFID solution Providers for inventory management

The ability to read and write data using non-contact components is supported by RFID tracking. RFID software is frequently classified as a supply chain management (SCM) solution. RFID solution providers interface with SCM software, and some SCM systems contain built-in RFID management functionality. Companies that require a large, stand-alone RFID system typically manage a vast catalog of items, people, or significant volumes of data from edge computing sources. An enterprise-level RFID software deployment enables many data formats and physical data sources and the capacity to handle synchronization, quality of service, and other RFID software use cases. 

Label Logic

Label logic has purposefully grown over the last 25 years to become the premier one-stop shop for all your labeling needs. They translate into shorter lead times, easier ordering, and complete confidence that will make you proud of your decision to work with Label Logic. Label logic is a reputable producer of tags and labels and asset tracking software to a variety of businesses. Assists businesses in overcoming asset tracking challenges. Currently, the company operates eight presses and two inlay placement machines around the clock as far as they can produce labels in accordance with customer requirements and delivery schedules.


Repacorp began as a firm that represented printing companies, hence the name “Rep-A-Corp.” Rick Heinl began working for Repacorp in 1978. Mr. Heinl became sole owner in 1990 when he purchased his first press, and he became a manufacturer in 1993. Repacorp’s mission statement is to provide quality label and packaging products and a positive customer experience on every purchase to retain clients for life. Recognize that our most significant asset is our workforce and treat them as though they are family. Customs, RFID, digital labels, and shrink leaves are all manufactured by Repacorp. In addition, this company can print in 12 different colors.


masterbadge is one of the leading virtual conference platforms that offers event planning services as well as a full set of tools to assist customers in producing spectacular events with RFID Tracking. According to the RFID solution provider, the monitoring and tracking of assets are a crucial component of any business. Whether you are tracking IT resources with RFID technology, it provides efficiency in asset management and boosts asset accuracy, usage, and ease of maintenance.

Hybrid events are a great way to combine virtual and physical activities. These events’ major purpose is to reach a larger audience by combining in-person life sessions with a virtual component. Hybrid events, virtual meetings, participant enrollment, email marketing, attendance tracking, CPD learning, certifications, surveys, on-site solutions, and other services are examples of these services. 

Active Identity

Active ID creates scalable and personalized RFID infrastructure solutions. They assist partners all around the world in realizing the full potential of RFID systems by maximizing ROI and lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. Envoy, Active ID’s RFID Platform, is at the heart of many challenging RFID installations around the world. Envoy equips enterprises with the tools they need to successfully improve their existing business processes, resulting in increased automation, efficiency, and visibility throughout the operation in real-time.

They are always on the lookout for new and improved solution designs. This has frequently driven us to experiment with unique station designs as well as other complementary technologies such as computer vision (CV) and specific sensors in addition to UHF/RFID.


Vizinex passive RFID tags use strengthened structure, materials, chip, and antenna bonds, and chip and antenna bonds to assist you in dealing with RFID asset management and monitoring challenges all over the world. Restricted areas in data centers, intense temperatures in autoclaves, and harsh circumstances in oil fields are examples of this. Our RFID professionals in the United States are experts in consulting engineering services, rapid product development, and fulfillment for unique RFID solutions. Read here more: josé trinidad marín

In 6-8 weeks, all of this at a price that most RFID providers will not match. Off-the-shelf RFID tags designed for asset tracking applications such as medical devices, data center equipment, cables, weaponry, oil wells, and more are available. All of our tags are made in the United States and are fully tariff-free. As a result, you can speak with the folks who did the work whenever you wish.

Masterbadge is a cutting-edge all-in-one event technology platform that provides event organizers with a full set of tools to assist them in creating amazing events, including RFID tracking. Radio Frequency Identification is a method of transmitting data from an RFID tag to an RFID reader via electromagnetic fields. masterbadge is an RFID solution provider to events with RFID-based attendance tracking, custom websites, online registration, abstract submission administration, and real-time analytics and reporting are the features. Among them are participant registration, email marketing, attendance tracking, CPD learning and certificates, surveys, on-site solutions, and other services.


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