Killing Guideline: How to Make a Law Firm Logo for Free

Killing Guideline: How to Make a Law Firm Logo for Free

A law firm logo is an element that is part of the marketing strategy of any law firm. Well, it is a graphic sign with which you can visually identify a company, service, or product from others in the market. Therefore, it will help you stand out and present yourself effectively to the public.

Before going into details on how to create logos for law firms, you should know that designing a good law firm logo requires careful study of a set of key elements about the business plan.

Today, to create a law firm logo, you can use tools such as DesignEvo, which facilitates the work of those who want to do this work as quickly as possible. Ideally, however, this process should be done by a graphic design specialist to obtain a better long-term result.

Once this is cleared up, there is no reason why you shouldn’t learn yourself on some crucial aspects of creating law firm logos. And a fascinating fact is that most legal office logos are of the isologous type, as they highlight the use of typographic signs, that is, letters and occasionally numbers. This with the idea of projecting an elegant, classic, and professional image.

However, there is no single formula for designing a logo. In other words, it is possible to play with certain elements to give a fresh and innovative touch to the design while maintaining a professional and ethical image.

In this sense, there are three components of a law firm logo that should be given a lot of attention, as each one transmits messages to the audience. These elements are:

The color

There is a whole area of study about the meaning associated with each color. Particularly in legal marketing, the use of dark colors predominates with the idea of transmitting a deep, elegant, and corporate image, being in some cases combined with hues of light or intense tones to achieve a more energetic appearance.

The typeface style

The typeface used conveys a message about the value of the service. For example, suppose minimalist fonts such as Century Gothic are used. In that case, the public may interpret that it is an innovative signature, while a classic font such as Times is associated with a rather traditional signature.

The symbols

Perhaps the most complex element for the design of a law firm logo. This should be eye-catching, direct, and personal. This makes it easy to remember and makes it possible for the public to identify your business just by looking at it quickly.

On the other hand, there are other recommendations that should be taken into account when creating logos for law firms:

  • The logo should be simple so to make it more attractive, innovative, and easy to recognize.
  • Conduct adequate research to inspire yourself, taking into account the competition and large, influential companies in the sector.
  • Know your client, which will facilitate developing a suitable identification with the logo in the long term.
  • Study trends change over time, so the communication strategy must be kept under evaluation and renewed occasionally.

Having clear the elements mentioned about a legal firm logo design, you can find some top law firms’ logos. Thus, you can be inspired when creating or renewing your firm’s logo.

It is evident that to design a good law firm logo, the firm must be very clear about who they are, what its values are, and the strengths that distinguish it from the rest of the businesses in the legal market. Be possible in this way to guarantee the recognition and loyalty of customers, favoring your positioning in the sector and, therefore, the business’s profitability.

DesignEvo: a handy logo maker 

After you have reviewed all these necessary considerations, you can now try DesignEvo, a helpful logo maker, in case you have no budget to get your logo.

In addition to being free to use, DesignEvo is easy to use. It offers more than 10,000 templates allowing you to find the graphic representation that best suits your needs. DesignEvo also provides you with a varied font to help you create a professional logo that matches the graphics you expect. About a hundred icons are also provided by this free, tailor-made logo creation software.


Image is one of the most important things that affect people and stick in their minds. You should pay attention to logos, whether choosing the pictures you place on your law firm website or designing a logo that distinguishes your brand.

Relying on specialists in each field allows you to get a better experience that helps you succeed, but sometimes, you may have to do some things yourself in some circumstances.

Therefore, you have learned these tips on designing a law firm logo, also a handy logo maker. You get all these conditions, so why not design your own logo by yourself. 


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