Keep Your Horse’s Feet Protected with These Essential Gears

Riding leisurely on a horse is such a fun experience. You could go on long distances if you want and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors with your equine buddy. However, since the horse will do most of the walking and running, their feet take on much stress and trauma. It could be uncomfortable or even dangerous for the horse especially if you’re going on a long ride without placing protective gears on its legs and hooves. To prevent injuries, be sure to have the proper gear to help keep your horse comfortable and finish the ride happily.

Horse Boot

A lot of people have already heard of horseshoes but horse boots may seem new to us. As the name suggest, these are boots worn by horses to protect their feet. Unlike horseshoes, these boots are only slipped into the feet of a horse, just like a regular boot. Aside from regular protection, a horse boot also protects horses with sensitive feet. It also provides better grip on terrain, making the ride easier for horses. Since they are easy to slip on, you could just carry it in your bag and put it on when needed. 

Sports Boots

If you’re going on a very long ride, sports boots are an essential gear for your horse. Unlike a regular horse boot, sports boots wrap firmly around the horse’s lower leg, providing support to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These parts are commonly injured especially when the horse is overworked of you’re just planning to go on long distances. It even protects your horse’s feet during running and other strenuous activities. 

Bell Boots

As the name suggests, these types of boots have a bell shape which goes around the entire hoof and protects it. There are plenty of things that could cause damage or injury to the horse’s hoof such as debris along the road during the ride. Your horse might also be clumsy that it could overstep its hind leg or even accidentally kick the hoof. With bell boots, you can be sure that your horse is safe from sudden leg and foot injuries and abrasions. 

Before buying protective horse gear, see to it that it is exactly what you need. Aside from the footwear, you also need to have a complete riding gear before heading out. See to it that the saddle is comfortable to ride on even for long durations. Aside from that, don’t forget to keep your horse comfortable during the ride as well by placing a saddle pad before putting the saddle on. Lastly, keep the saddle in place by attaching it to a breast collar and a crupper.

There may be a lot of different horse footwear to choose from. However, all you need to do is find the right one for your horse before buying it. Once you have the complete basic gears needed, your horse will definitely enjoy your ride and feel comfortable all throughout the ride. 


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