Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Winter Trek

Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Winter Trek


Kedarkantha mountain is situated in the Sankri region in Uttarakhand and also it is close to Har Ki Dun. However, Kedarkantha is not an active tourist destination. The beauty of Kedarkantha is amazing. The  villages here are beautiful. On the way to Kedarkantha, there is a big  stretch of meadows and snow paths and snow covered mountains often named as Himalayas. People of Kedarkantha area are really friendly and the culture is very unique in Kedarkantha. The speciality of Kedarkantha trek does not  end here,  You can go for and also you can learn skiing and ski while watching the snow covered mountains. Kedarkantha trek  is a trek one should not miss, especially those  who love  adventures. 

Kedarkantha  is considered as one of the most beautiful and fabulous  treks in the world. Most important part of the Kedarkantha trek is called the summit climb. The Kedarkantha summit climb is extremely important because the summit climb is the main reason why you came to this trek and the climb is  not easy. The trek can be  a little  bit complicated because of the  narrow path  and the climb can be a little bit difficult because of the weather and  also  the climb is very steep. But the good thing is that  you are constantly  surrounded by the scenic beauty and scenic views. You are always surrounded by  the snow covered mountains and the Himalayas. Once you reach the top  of the summit you will attain a sense of accomplishment and also give you a sense of satisfaction. 

Kedarkantha trek is famous because there are rarely any treks in the  world which offer this type of experience for a beginner. The best time to do the Kedarkantha winter trek is from the months of December to April. 

Clothes to Carry

Thick layers of jacket, 5-10 pairs of clothes, shoes which provide grip in snow. Everything packed in a Rucksack.


Day 1

Reach Dehradun from your respective residence and if you want to explore Dehradun city you can arrive a day or two before  and explore then you can proceed towards Sankri. Sankri is a small village and total distance from Dehradun is 187 kms and total time which will take is around 6-7 hours  depending on the amount of breaks you take in between.

Day 2

You will have to trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab . Speciality of Juda Ka Talab is that Devo Ke Dev Mahadev used to come here to meditate. Yes lord Shiva used to meditate here. It is believed that this  lake is where lord Shiva had opened his hair and water flowed out of it and that is how this lake was formed. The complete  trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab is  approx 4 kms long  and the time duration will be approx  3-4 hours  depending on your speed. At night the sky is clear and you can do some stargazing and get some amazing shots of the sky and the stars. 

Day 3

You will start your trek from Juda Ka Talab towards the  Kedarkantha base camp. You will be surrounded by snow, as soon as you start your journey towards Kedarkantha base camp. All you will see is the snow covered Himalayan mountains above you. The weather will become a little bit harsh so you will have to get comfortable  around the weather. The total trek duration will be 4 kms. The maximum altitude you will be climbing will be 11,253 ft. 

Day 4

You will leave the Kedarkantha base camp and proceed towards  Kedarkantha summit and Kedarkantha summit climb is the best part of this trek and probably the  main purpose of your trek. You will have to start early because it takes almost 7-8 hours to reach the summit and 7-8 hours to get back and if you start around 2 AM in the morning you will reach the summit around 10 AM and it will be an amazing moment when you will see the sun rising and changing directions and everywhere there is snow. This will be the moment that you will never forget in your entire life. You will return to the base camp till night and Spend the night in the base camp

Day 5

You will start your descent towards Sankri village and enjoy the snow covered mountains  everywhere. You will spend your night at  Sankri village. 

Day 6

You will return  back to Dehradun from Sankri Village and continue your journey towards home and bring back a suitcase full of memories which you are going to keep with you forever.


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