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JAALifestyle and EEHHAAA: Now you can earn free by watching ads


JAALifestyle and EEHHAAA

This newsletter from Jaalifestyle: As we all know, we need a total of 1.5 million people to start an advertising program. Initially we started with a figure of 10 million; It was reduced to 5 million and after further negotiations we reduced it to 3 million. And when it seemed too long, we took it to JAALifestyle to bring it to the 3 million needed to reach 1.5 million took it upon himself.

We were very close to this number a few weeks ago, and pre-registration on EEHHAAA was opened.

Surprise to all that so many people who have completed their PV have not pre-registered with EEHHAAA.

This has created confusion and frustration not only as a company but also among our members.

So we’re brainstorming how we can do this even faster.

We came up with an idea – and we’re having tough talks with EEHHAAA over the weekend.

We have found a solution to fetch the numbers – fast.

It has now been approved with the legal teams of both JAALifestyle and EEHHAAA, and our technical teams have given us the timelines that they will need to implement it.


From Friday 4th June 2021, EEHHAAA will no longer require PV to be able to earn money from watching ads.

The sale of advertising packages will also close on the same day.

So it will be free to register and start earning money with EEHHAAA!

This will ensure that the number of people registering will explode, which means we will reach the required threshold very quickly.

in advertising revenue

Change The reason everyone should do their PV is that a verified member is much more valuable to companies that pay for advertising than unverified members.

So all unverified members will earn up to €350 per year for viewing ads in person and up to €250 per year for all individual referrals.

Verified members will receive the same earnings

This income will be up to €1,000 per year for verified people, and up to €1,500 per year for those who have qualified by bringing in enough people to their first level or by purchasing advertising packages totaling more than €300.

Members who are verified will also receive the same percentage for all verified personal referrals. Members who are verified will receive up to EUR350 each year for referrals that are not verified.

ehha registration open to all

In order to reach 1.5M users in the fastest way, registration on EEHHAAA will be open to all, not just JAALifestyle members.

For those who haven’t already, please sign up at the link below, and don’t forget to tell all your acquaintances about this wonderful opportunity.

Commission Withdrawals Available From This Friday

We are confirming the good news we shared last week. As of Friday 28 May, JAALifestyle members who have more than €100 in available commissions will be able to submit their commission withdrawal request and have it paid to their designated bank account.

We are excited to bring withdrawal functionality to our members, and the team is currently working on a payment gateway integration that will allow more members to purchase their activation packages – thus generating commissions and moving forward with our new magazine. Accessing versions.

What is Jaa Lifestyle? , What Is EEHHAAA In Hindi | Jaa Lifestyle In Hindi | Full details 2022

Eehhaaa App Kya Hai – Www Eehhaaa Com Login Kaise Kare 2022

What Is Eehhaaa.Com And How It Works And Here You Can See The Advertisement And How You Can Earn Money On Eehhaaa.Com, Here You Will Tell In Detail About It, So If You Also Want To Know About It, Then Read The Article Given Below Carefully.


What Is Eehhaaa.Com?

WWW Eehhaaa Is A Great Advertising Platform To Earn Money. It Is The Most Trusted, Reliable And Secure Platform. There Are Many Ways To Earn Money, Including Viewing Ads, Viewing Pages, And Referring.

 Eehhaaa.Com Is The Official Website. It Also Provides A Mobile Application. Eehhaaa Is A Famous Website That Has Been Around For Several Decades And Continues To Grow In Popularity.

As We Have Already Mentioned, Ehha Is A Simple System Where The User Is Paid For Viewing The Advertisements That Are Available Every Day. These Ads Are Displayed On A Page Dedicated To Them And Can Be Broken Down Into Several Different Categories.

Required Eligibility To Login This Portal?

  1. First Of All You Should Know About Eehhaaa Website .
  2. If You Are Doing This Eehhaaa Login Then You Must Have Already Created An Account.
  3. To Login To The Eehhaaa Com Website , You Must Have A Laptop, Mobile Or Computer.
  4. You Must Have Internet Connection To Login To This Website.
  5. If You Are Logging Into The Website Here, You Must Have A Browser.
  6. If You Are Creating Your Account On Eehhaaa Website Then You Must Have An Email Id And Mobile Number.

App.Eehhaaa.Com Registration Kaise Karen?

Here We Are Going To Give You Complete Information About How To Create Your Account On Eehhaaa .Com And How To Login This Eehhaaa.

How To Login Eehhaaa.Com?

How To Do Jaa Lifestyle Eehhaaa Registration?

How To Login Jaa Lifestyle

Eehhaaa App?

Let Us Tell You All That An Eehhaaa App Has Been Released By Eehhaaa, With The Help Of Which You Can Easily Earn Or Buy From It, So If You Also Want To Know How To Download Eehhaaa App And Eehhaaa App What Is The Benefit Of It Then Read Carefully Below

Through This Application, Two Types Of People Use This App, First Such People Who Want To Show Their Advertisement To The People Here And Want To Sell Their Product Here By Showing Their Advertisement And Other People Like This Registered Here. Those Who Earn Money By Watching These Advertisements Here, Then You Can Earn By Watching Advertisements Here.

Eehhaaa Help Line Number?

If You Face Any Kind Of Problem In EEHHAAA APP And You Want To Solve This Problem By Contacting Them, Then We Are Going To Give You Some Important Email Ids Here Below So That You Can Contact Them And Solve Your Problem Easily. Can Do.

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