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Is It Worth It to Build a PC in 2023?

The price of PC gaming hardware has gotten so out of hand lately that many gamers are now questioning the feasibility of building a gaming PC. Well, can’t blame them, I being an avid builder of gaming PCs myself also share the same sentiment because let’s be honest who in this day and age is willing to pay twice or thrice the amount that would otherwise be liable on a gaming PC. We’ll let me give you a hint, quite literally no one.

That being said, many gamers are just coming into PC gaming, and like me, or other PC enthusiasts don’t currently own a gaming PC. Well for them the answer to whether building a gaming what is better building or buying a pc, PC is worth it or not in 2023 needs a little bit more information which I will get to right now. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Why Is It Not Advisable to Build a Gaming PC in 2023?

If you are new to PC gaming and want to build yourself a gaming PC, then I would suggest you read this section completely.

We are currently living in a time where there is a global shortage of PC components, and this has not only caused the price of PC components to skyrocket but also has caused the unavailability in stock of many gaming components.

The worse affected component of them all is the graphics card. This is the main component of any gaming PC and takes the most chunk of money out of your entire budget. Paying a premium over the market price for a graphics card is one thing but good luck even finding them in stock.

Building vs Buying a PC – Which Is Right For You

Hence there is no point in building a gaming PC in 2023. PC components will not only cost you way more than the manufacturer’s stated price but you will also face stock issues and therefore will not be able to equip your PC with the components you want but rather have to rely on what the market presents which is not good at all.

Another reason I want you to skip building gaming PCs in 2023is that better options exist. You can have yourself a gaming PC within your budget just not by building it yourself. Hold on to your excitement, I will get to that alternative in a minute. Anyways, given that an alternative way exists then why pay a premium price and put in the extra effort to build a gaming PC.

What Should Gamers Do Instead?

Rather than building a gaming PC in 2023, it is recommended to explore the prebuilt PC route. Surprisingly, the price of prebuilt gaming PCs is still relatively reasonable. Therefore, if you want a PC now going with a prebuilt PC is the only feasible way of acquiring a gaming PC.

You can look at the Kepler Gaming PC, considered as the $500 gaming PC, this no-compromise gaming behemoth can satisfy your gaming craving without breaking the bank like you would on building a PC yourself.

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