How to Read the Tread Markings?

How to Read the Tread Markings?

It is common for all auto owners to neglect the tyres, let alone the treads. Usually, it is because it lies below the eye level and people generally do not pay much attention to things that lie low. Yes, the hierarchy exists everywhere, even in the case of cars and their parts. But if you are reading this, then you shall be able to disrupt the pattern and start seeing things in a new light, which is much more beneficial for you and your prized vehicle. So let us learn a little about Car Tyres Coventry here, especially about the treads and markings on it.

Tyres & Treads

As tyres are the only touchpoint of the vehicle with the road, it has special duties to carry out like controls, grip, and traction which make the drive smooth and secure too. This is why having good tyres for your car is so important. On the other hand, tyre treads are equally important which many might not be aware of. Treads are that particular portion of the tyre that comes in direct contact with the surface. The kind of treads your vehicle consists of influences the driving quality to a great degree. But before any more discussion, let us first learn about the functions of the tread.

While treads have so much to do, it is imperative that you understand the functions of tyre treads properly and they tend to care for them. Much of tyre performance is dependent on the tread and so does the fuel economy of your car. There are different types of tread patterns and designs and each has a specific purpose. Some are made to perform best on wet roads, some treads are best to use on warm roads, while some might be good in cornering, etc. So, various tread patterns have individual performance purposes which are kept in mind while making the tyre treads.

Tread Markings

Now that you have a certain idea about how treads work, it is time to learn about reading the markings on the treads. Knowing the tread marks is an exceptionally valuable knowledge that shall help vehicle owners to make proper choices at the time of tyre purchase. A lot of information is pointed out in the form of alpha-numeric combinations on the treads of a Car Tyres Coventry; so, let us have a look at what indicates what.

A basic tread marking shall look somewhat like: 250/50 R18 which is basically read as tyre width, aspect ratio, tyre construction, and wheel diameter. Tyre width is the very first 3 digit number that you shall find etched on the tread; in this case, it is 250 which means, the width of the concerned tyre from one sidewall to another is 250mm.

The next digit which is given as 50 in the above-mentioned sample indicates the aspect ratio of the tyre. 50 aspect ratio means the concerned tyre has a height of about 50 percent of the tyre width. The alphabet R beside it indicates that it is a radial tyre by construction. It could be B or D in place of R if the construction would be bias belt or diagonal, respectively. And the number just after R is the wheel diameter in inches; in this case, it is 18 inches diameter for this particular tyre.

Then some more additional markings are found on the treads like load index and speed rating, usually, these are marked right after the tyre details. So, if you find markings like 104V it means the tyre has a load capacity of 104, and that allows 9kgs at the maximum; and the V stands for speed rating where V denotes 149 mph as its limit otherwise said 240km/hr with maximum load.

Then the brand and pattern name along with other details like the manufacturing date in a code format and the country in which it was manufactured can also be engraved on the tyre sidewall. Another vital tread marking is the European ECE tyre approval. An ECE mark on the tyre tread means it has met the European safety standards of tyres and is safe to drive. If your Pirelli Tyres Coventry belongs to the UK then it will have the ECE mark as E11 where 11 is the country code for the United Kingdom where it is approved for use.


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