How To Pick Your Harvey Spector – Choosing the Right Lawyer

If you have watched the TV series Suits then you will know just who the Great Harvey Spector is, a brilliant, smart and cut throat lawyer who has not lost a single case in his years of working. He is exactly the type of person you will want on your corner when having to file or face a lawsuit. However, what makes Harvey the likeable and admirable character is not just his winning streak but also, they way at which he wins, which is just fair and morally right (most of the time). 

If you are ever in need of lawyer there are certain criteria that need to be filled before you select your representing party. It can be difficult to choose sometimes so here are some ways to help you decide who will be fighting for you by your side. 

A lawyer specializing in the necessary field

Filing a lawsuit means that the battle has already been chosen so it is important to choose the right people to fight it alongside you. Lawyers specialize in various fields, some in civil matters and other such as business and legal law. 

Regardless of what your need is carrying out sufficient research before choosing your lawyer. Usually, law firms have different lawyers who specialize in the different areas so you will need to consult them beforehand. The big names are of course openly known but then you will also have to pump in a lot of money, which comes to the next point of affordability.


Lawsuits drag on and by the end of it you may have lost a lot more than you planned or earned. Settlements are another option but that solely depends on how the lawsuit is proceeding. Affordability is a huge reason as to why many people avoid going to court or settle before they have come close to a winning chance. 

However, there are the no win no fee lawyers who only charge for your case if it is a success. You will still have to pay some sort of payment but the point these lawyers are trying to make is to help those who are unable to afford the hefty fees lawyers charge. While this practice is not common there are a few lawyers who carry this out. 


While it is true that a lawyer or attorney only earn their name and reputation while being on cases there are certain lawsuits that deserve a lawyer who is well known and knows how to do his job. They should have the necessary experience and knowledge before carrying out work on your case. 

However, if it is a civil matter the need for credentials can be lower, as long as they are equipped to handle your case it is great. Attorneys are severely tested before they are allowed to practice; passing the bar can be tough so a new lawyer will only need a chance to prove themselves. 


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